“Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are good is like expecting the bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian.”
– Dennis Wholey (1937-)

The Nice guy, essentially is a BETA/OMEGA male and often it is not entirely his fault, though he must understand that he must take responsibility for his own actions. Your own life is the result of the consistent decisions you are making.

It is also vital to understand the distinction between an ALPHA male with manners and respect, and a BETA male deemed as ‘the nice guy’, who in reality is attempting to be in-offensive.

The Nice guy may even nurture a belief that if he is in-offensive then women will find him more attractive, when in fact it is a complete turn off. It is interpreted in many a females mind as lacking in confidence, as much of the associated body language of a nice guy appears submissive.

It smacks of desperation and a desire to please. In a Society still largely underpinned by medieval morality an inherit fear of sin serves to keep people in a box.

An alpha doesn’t care what people think, but can choose his words if need be. What characters do we love from the TV and Movies? The controversial guys.

A high value woman is attracted to the guy that appears to be outside of those boxes. A man who is in charge of his own destiny.


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