Trying too hard

This can be a huge turn off for women. One of the surest ways to convey BETA status is too appear to be constantly seeking approval. Most young females completely despise this in a guy. It smacks of wussiness and uncertainty. Guys can easily fall into this pitfall in an attempt to be a ‘nice guy’, because she said she was ‘looking for a nice guy’. She didn’t mean it literally. It’s female language, which when translated means, a guy who can make her tingle in her special place just at the thought of him, as she yearns for a bad boy she can tame…mmm that type of nice guy.

Constantly trying to impress her, buy paying for everything and showering her with gifts indicates a lack of faith in your own allure. More crucially, the constant seeking of approval is perceived as neediness, which basically says that you are not a man yet. A child is needy. She needs a man who can take care of her, not a child.

A fix;

Guys who get too anxious in trying to make a good impression with a girl are actually focussing on the outcome and their own egos too much. Calm down, and take some nice deep breaths. Re-focus the mind on the game and improving your skills by practise. You will see that the less you try the more she becomes intrigued. Great Seduction artists know how to make the female believe that she has to impress him.


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