PUA Phenomena

Time to drop the pick up!

Some of you, in your desperate quest to end your sexual drought, may have encountered the endless glut of Pick-up-Artist material & PUA communities currently trashing the internet. Most of the advice is based on the chat up technique, ‘openers’ and canned material, that may help some usually tongue-tied guys have something to say to girls, but won’t transform his sex life. A word of warning to those of you tempted by such methods. There are no shortcuts, despite some of their ludicrous claims. At the end of the day, there is no substitute for working on your inner game, and how you feel about yourself. This is the key to attracting hot ladies.

Women are not dummies, and can spot a guy faking it from a mile of. Women do not fall for cheesy pick-up lines & hypnosis techniques. Besides, if a guy ever did get lucky with his cheesy approach, and avoid the instant shoot down, how is he gonna back it up, if he hasn’t worked on the quality of man he is? He can’t, thus he has only succeeded in delaying the inevitable crash and burn. This shortsighted view only ends in misery men, so stop living in a river in Egypt…in denial. There is absolutely no point in writing cheques with your mouth that you cannot cash. If you don’t respect yourself, no-one else is gonna.

All is explained in the book, 21st CENTURY SEDUCTION ARTIST, out now!

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