Alpha babes

What would men be without women? Scarce, sir, mighty scarce.

Mark Twain

You cannot underestimate how much time and effort a beautiful woman invests in herself, to be selected by the best males. That’s right. She wants to be selected, despite her believing she is selecting the guy.

Exotic curves or vampire chic?

Guess who. Ladies…would you eva leave the house without make-up & and forgetting to zap the moustache?

It takes a boob job, fake tan, dyed hair & layers of airbrushing to become a young males fantasy

Did Tom fall for Kate’s boyish good looks, or the hollywood makeover?

The Blonde scarecrow on the left is a supermodel on her days off

A high value woman will have top drawer game, that creates scenarios and opportunities for her to elevate her social status, giving her close proximity to the higher value guys of society. Once she is in these circles, she can now literally wait to be selected by higher value guys, as opposed to trying to decipher from thousands of guys hopeless advances, and trying to decipher which is a good bet, based on the value he is conveying.

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