Daddy’s girl

Stop smiling at him…no man is going to touch you…I’m watching you and your Daddies lips like a hawk.

A Daddy’s girl isn’t a girl who has a thing for Daddy’s. She does have a thing for guys that remind her of her Papa though. In extreme cases she may me brattish, after being spoilt all her life. She could potentially be an annoying little prima dona as a result, especially if she possesses good looks. Not only does she get preferential treatment in her everyday life, she has also been conditioned to believe she is a princess, by her excessively protective papa.

He will have raised her expectations of what she needs in a guy, by his words and his actions. Unfortunately, this can lead her to believe that a guy must fit this bill to be considered. This may include paying for everything, as well as fixing her life. He would have also warned her many times of the sly nature of some men out for one thing, thus her guard will be high. She will have a good awareness of the game, if her Father recollects his scoundrel days as a player from his youth.

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