The monthly curse!

Those wonderful and emotional creatures that make life worth living can also make life complicated. Obvious biological differences between the sexes impact heavily on the way we perceive time for instance. If something bleeds for a week and doesn’t die…it must be evil or seriously gangster. Women experience life differently from men. A guy must understand that her hormones and emotions are fluctuating all the time based on her monthly cycle. This is something men can be grateful for not having to endure themselves. It’s not pleasant and can be painful for her.

She has to go through several days of discomfort every month, and the chore of stuffing tampons up her fufu, to stem the flow of blood or wearing pads in her knickers to catch the leak. No wonder she wants to rip the head off or scratch the eyes out of anyone near her, during her period. I wonder how guys would deal with having to suffer something similar. We must take our hats of to them, mark the date and evacuate the vicinity.

Actually, this is not acceptable gents, if you are in a relationship with a lovely lady. She will expect you to be totally understanding and supportive during this time. She often will be extra emotional and slightly fragile. Finding a guy who accepts that understanding her womanly issues is part of the deal is not an easy undertaking. This is why she has to integrate certain tests to gauge the guys attitude. Clever.

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