Total Rebound

Stay away from rebounds unless you are an NBA star or a top player!


How do many girls temporarily avoid the pain of a fresh break-up? Bring in the rebound guy. That way she can feel wanted and maintain her image of being a prize, mending her poor little bruised ego. Once the rebound guy has served his purpose, the poor chump get’s kicked to the kerb, and replaced with serious suitors. Don’t hate her for it, if you have been victimized in such a way. Blame yourself for taking the bait, especially if you know the story of her break-up.

What might interest you is that the ‘rebound guy’ doesn’t always have to be a victim, like a “friendzoner’. It’s just that in most cases he is, because he gets suckered. The kerb is littered with these guys. An uninitiated guy may consider his fellow mans recent loss of her love and devotion as the best oppurtunity to earn her affections, thus sneaks into her life when she is emotionally weak.

Bow your heads in shame, you dirty opportunist scoundrels. You get what you deserve. But wait. This is not a cut and dry situation. The rebound guy can come in many shapes and sizes. Some know the score, some niavely and inadvertently fill a void. His experience will largely be affected by how the targets relationship ended.

All is explained in the book, 21st CENTURY SEDUCTION ARTIST, out now!

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