Evolution of attraction

MMM Raquel Welch from 1 Million BC. Damn she has aged well!

There are some facts in this world, that you just have to swallow. Good looking people tend to get far more advantages in life. This is an altruistic species behaviour, hardwired by millions of years of successful replication, that encourages that we protect the healthiest genes. Bear in mind everyone can be good looking, if they know precisely what defines good looking. Granted some will have to work at it more than others. Beauty is within the eye of the beholder, which is determined by perception and evolution. Women are biologically programmed to align with alpha males and men who convey alpha male characteristics. There is a an evolutionary explanation why this is hardwired into their cute little fluffy brains.

Infact you may be surprised to learn that our attraction triggers have barely changed since our cave-dweling ancestors chased butt naked skirt while dodging spears and sabre tooth tigers. Evolution and ‘Natural selection’ has designed her emotional circuitry to respond to numerous attraction triggers that lead to seduction. This is firmly hardwired into her neurological structures. This programming not only enhances her chances of successful replication but improves the quality of her life and resources available to her and her offspring. Females are also programmed to identify beta traits in order to disqualify men that are less favourable to align with. Most of the traits connected with attraction are derivative of the primal triggers deeply embedded in out genetic coding.

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