Origins of attraction

Here you say…does this hit the spot my precious darling sugar lumps?

If you go back far enough in time, say beyond 200,000 years, our human ancestors were more like the rest of the mammal kingdom than the humans we are today. Incidentally early humans may have been more connected with consciousness and nature than we, until recently gave them credit for. It is coming into light, that sophisticated human cultures may have existed on earth anywhere between 15,000 and 50,000 years ago. Despite this evolution, you can still find a few million throwbacks to our knuckle dragging circa 200,000BC ancestors, in hick small towns everywhere, drinking, fighting and crushing beercans against their heads for weekend kicks.

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, males were all simplistic creatures, soley driven by the 4 f’s of animal instinct. Fuck, food, fight, flight. Maybe not a lot has changed for vast swathes of the male population today. This is the realm of our ‘reactive’ ancient reptilian brain (R Complex), a remnant of our earliest ancestors. It is the part of the brain responsible for our survival behaviours. You will learn later how the R complex of one of 3 brains that we all have. Thanks to a smashing asteroid 65 million years ago, that wiped out virtually all the dinosaurs, small mammals arose from the dust and carnage to inherit the kingdom.

They eventually evolved into smart apes with a bigger brain, that allowed them to connect with emotion and higher levels of consciousness, which heightened their perception of the world. They now had the capability to explore simple ambitions but were still preoccupied with daily survival in a harsh world of predators and prey. Early humans had come a long way, but still had a way to go yet. If you think getting laid today is hard, consider what our prehistoric friend, Ugug had to face.

In order to get laid and spread his baby batter (genetic material), he needed to be able to hunt mammoths for food, fight off his club wielding rivals for territory and resources, and run for the hills if the odds were not in his favour or a sabre tooth fancied him for lunch.

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