Puppy power – Boobs

Are you talking to me…or the twins?

Women’s secret source of power over men. Having the right boobs and knowing how to work them often results in social and economic gain.

You can never underestimate the power of the rack. We are talking of boobs, breasts or bosoms, also affectionately known as Brad Pitts, norks, tits, baps, hooters, bazoongas, melons, coconuts, cones, pillows, babaloos, bazookas, bijongas, bristols, cans, dumplings, funbags, Gods milk bottles, jugs, knockers, mammaries, muffins, torpedos, zeppilins, wilsons and alarmingly, chesticles.

“Size isn’t everything…it’s what you do with them!”

They come in all shapes and sizes, but no red blooded male can ignore a well presented pair. Often, the bigger the better, though pert small ones on a delicate frame are just as wonderful.

Men are mesmerized by jiggling breasts, as his primal mind shunts the blood from his big brain to his little brain, in the preparation for sex. They are major sexual organs.

This beggars the question, that if most men become instantly aroused at the sight of bouncing bijongas, how the hell did they get anything done in the ages before females covered up their modesty. An aroused caveman would have had only one thing on his mind.

Clearly times have changed and the tables have turned. It is women who get sex when they want. Not the other way around. For instance, when a hot and horny girlfriend demands to be ravished, no sane guy has ever refused her, using excuses like a headache or tiredness…that is unless she has genuinely worn him out.

At the mere sight of a cleavage, most men lose the power of speech, rational thinking and the ability to take in any other information. Funny how a jiggling chest fat can make him deaf too. Women all know the power of the puppies, and they feature largely in much of her seduction.

Since the advent of plastic surgery, many women less well endowed now happily shell out for a pair of fake ones, to gain a similar advantage. Silicone boobs generally have the same visual effect on the primal male mind, though they do not really jiggle like real ones, thus can never look or feel as good.

Regardless, boob implants and even bum implants have become a global boom business, as more and more women see a benefit of investing in these powerful weapons of mass seduction.

In reality, it’s not about how big a females boobs are, but how they use them. The females who truly understand this, use their posture, and feminine moves, as well as highly flattering clothes, that use cleavage to tease, as that is where the real power lies. She will also emphasize her other sexy assets, from her lips, to her legs, to her hair and most importantly her eyes.

Other less curvy woman not tempted by this artificial aid will tend to have more sophisticated game that ultimately has more power over the guys she seeks to attract into her life. These guys will worship her boobs because they are attached to a woman they adore.

Saying that, plastic surgery is a boom business. Medical tourism is an astonishing and shocking phenomena, where millions of people seek cheaper medical procedures and affordable luxury during recovery, in other countries like Brazil.

This is not a healthy trend, as there can often be negative health and psychological issues as a consequence. Unfortunately, the mass media promotes this ‘barbie doll’ image of beauty as something to aspire to, when all women can be astonishingly attractive working with what they have.

All is explained in the book, 21st CENTURY SEDUCTION ARTIST, out now!

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