OOO ladies…doo behave…my buttocks are for desert

The Womanizer differs from a ladies man, by his obsessive lust and desire for female conquest. Often self confessed sex addicts, a womanizer simply cannot get enough of it. He also has huge bedposts to accomodate all the notches. Many have a motto of quantity over quality.

Women will constantly fall for his super sharp game and silk words. He is virtually impossible to pin down, making him the hardest challenge of all for women, despite being a heartbreaker. A Womanizer tends to be upfront of his intentions, admitting he is not looking for something serious, whereas the Player thrives of misleading women.

His passion for sex makes him very skilled and experimental, with an abillity to make women feel like they’ve never felt before. This is why they come back for more. His reputation for sexual prowess makes him very enticing. Also, a female will except that a fling may be as far as it goes.

All is explained in the book, 21st CENTURY SEDUCTION ARTIST, out now!

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  1. You have hit the mark. It seems to me it is very excellent thought. Completely with you I will agree.
    Rozwiazywanie zadan

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