Bad approaches

Approaching a girl in the wrong way can instantaneously destroy your game and you chances with her. Your approach style speaks volumes about your confidence levels. A novice may feel intimidated by the situation, and approach almost apalogetically, as if she will take pity on him, and fall in love. Not gonna happen! Conversely, a guy attempting to woo her with an harsh arrogant demeanour will turn her-off, because it often indicates lack of confidence, or issues. She can often see through the front.


Approaching the girl from behind is a bit creepy and can freak her out too. Invading her personal space too soon can eek her out just as much. Guys lacking success with women blindly fall into these pitfalls, then blame her for not giving him a chance. It is not her fault that a guy hasn’t invested his time in understanding women.


A fix:

There is an art to the approach, where adhering to basic rules can really increase your chances with her. Remember this is often her very first impression of you. You have an opportunity to really grab her attention in the first seconds of your interaction, if you get it right. The first lesson is to avoid the mistakes mentioned above.


Approach at an angle in her view, with a charming smile and good eye contact. This cannot be flawed. Speak clearly and confidently, with a low voice, and Alpha body language. Do this well and you are immediately in the game, instead of digging yourself out of a hole like a two bit mud troll from the off.



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