Pick-up line

Novices are tempted to use ‘pick-up’ lines, to cover up for their lack of real game. No pick up line alone, is ever going to make a woman want to sleep with you, but it can help break the ice.

Breaking the ice and gaining attraction are not the same thing. A novice may foolishly believe the myth that the quality of his pick-up line will determine his success.

99.9% of woman will not be impressed, as it comes off cheesy. Being cheesy isn’t the best first impression. Some of the pickup lines circulating on the net are cheesier than a deep pan Cheese and Tomato Pizza with extra Mozarella.

Do you honestly believe that a super babe, who can have the pick of the guys in the club is gonna suddenly think to her self, I’ve struck gold, when you rattle a line of like;

The only thing that would look better on you is me


Do you wash your clothes in Windex? Coz I can see myself in your pants.

If you are guilty of downloading and using such lines, hold your heads in shame you cheeseballs. Do not persist with this strategy to get laid, unless you don’t mind being single for the rest of your days.

A fix:

Pick up lines don’t pick women up. The key is to say something that breaks the ice in a way that makes it seem like you are not hitting on her. The funnier or more original you are the better. This buys you time to convey traits she becomes drawn to.

One way of doing this is to invite a conversation with her by either getting her opinion on something or asking an open ended question.

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