MMA Superstar

What Jonny ‘bones’ Jones did to Shogun Rua at UFC 128 was not only shocking, but testimony to the fast evolving sport of MMA. Lets hope the proud and brave former champion Rua recovers swiftly, as he endured a beating against an inspired and hungry young lion. Before the fight, many experts would have given Rua an edge, with his immense experience, including a record that includes Current Strikeforce Heavyweight champion, Overeem, nicknamed the Demolition man, UFC legend Chuck Liddell and the seemingly invincible ‘Dragon’ Machida. All victims of a heavy Rua KO.

Beginning of an era!

That makes Jones destruction of Rua the more remarkable. The manner he executed his strategy was marked of a man who could potentially rule the division for a very long time. That is until he chooses a big money fight against the monsters of the heavyweight division. He certainly has the frame to carry more effective weight. In the light heavyweight division, he has perfected maximizing his huge advantages, that include a reach bigger than any other fighter in the UFC.

Eat some knee before you sleep

Add his speed, and explosive strength to his unpredictable striking, especially his slashing elbows, you have a fighter that has all the weapons and no known weaknesses as of yet. We have no idea what his whiskers are made of as no-one has come close to touching his chin. It will be an uphill task for anyone to overcome this new breed of fighter. Dana White must be licking his lips at the prospect hyping up the MMA fight of all time, with Anderson Silva, who has been untouchable in recent years.

For now, Jones should enjoy his accomplishment and focus on Evans, his friend, until recently and also his next opponent. One advantage Evans has over other victims of Jones ‘new school MMA’, is they trained closely together, and it would be fair to say that if it became a wrestling match, it would be hard to pick a winner. As this is UFC, the rules allow striking from virtually all positions.

Jones elbows come from all angles, and he can slash you open from the next State with his reach and speed. The likely outcome will be another Jones KO, as it seems he has no plans on going the distance. 3 more good wins under his belt may secure him the ‘superfight’, that will crown the best MMA fighter of all time, and put Dana whites organisation at the forefront of sports entertainment, as the brand goes from strength to strength.

Up until now, Jones has carried himself with class, and is a great role model for young men. His whirlwind journey from MMA novice 3 years ago, to LH UFC champ, claiming his first MMA legend along the way, is testimony to his self belief and dedication. This man is blessed with great attributes and he is working with the best company to maximise them.

That is a lesson for anyone striving for success. Identify what is good about yourself, and surround yourself with good people. Have a vision, work hard, and stay on point. Great things will happen!




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  1. Great article… Jones is the most exciting fighter to come out the UFC! Can’t wait for him to face off against anderson silva… Needs to beat rashad first though! Fingers crossed!

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