There is one Superior Alpha Male, and legendary womaniser, who has had more influence on how we today percieve what it is to be Alpha, both in the movies and in life. He led the most colourful, sometimes volatile, often wild and complex life and was described by other Hollywood legends such as Jack Nicholson & Al Pacino, as a Revolution, a genius, Uniquely gifted, and God (By Pacino).

The late great Marlon Brando, was to acting and civil rights, what Muhammad Ali was to Sport and civil rights. Both of them were hugely gifted and courageous, though always controversial.

Brando changed everything, influencing every great leading male actor that followed him, from Robert DeNiro to Johnny Depp, as well as becoming the icon of teenage rebellion in the 50s.

He also set the pulses racing, and dampened the knickers of any woman he met, with the burning, brooding intensity of his sex appeal, permanently on the verge of exploding. He was a colossus of amped up muscular machismo and sensitive femininity.

The tortured but pioneering actor was a notorious womanizer, and often shared beauties with great buddy and hills neighbour Jack Nicholson. Ahh, those loveable Rogues. He also famously dated Marilyn Monroe and a string of many other famous beauties.

The following view explained his relentless and lascivious quest to nail anyone beautiful with breasts, though he had many great platonic relationships with gorgeous females…and even had a couple of deep affairs with men, as he fully explored his sexual nature.

“I don’t think it’s the nature of any man to be monogamous. Men are propelled by genetically ordained impulses over which they have no control to distribute their seed.”

He is a man who broke the mould, broke the rules and broke hearts, but no woman who succumbed to his womanising charms ultimately regrets the ride. He was a unique, engaging and passionate character, and furious inferno, which meant he could not be easily tamed. Some of his deepest loves ended in bitter divorce, and the press always attempted to use this a ammunition to slur his name.

Often cited as the “greatest actor of all time”, he made it clear how he felt disdain for the politics of the mainstream movie business, once remarking,

“The only reason I’m here in Hollywood is because I don’t have the moral courage to refuse the money. I’m a concerned human being who occasionally acts.”

Soon after this qoute he was forced out of Tinsel Town before bouncing back with some of the greatest performances ever recorded on celluloid (including a Best Actor Oscar for THE GODFATHER), before working tirelessly for various Civil rights movements, and settling in the Pacific islands of Tahiti, marrying a local girl and co-actor, and distancing himself from his former life, piling on the pounds, before finally passing amongst the land and people he adored.

“Not only was he a uniquely gifted and influential actor, but he was also an aroused citizen with broad social perspectives.”

Warren Beatty

“A genius who was the beginning and end of his own revolution. He gave us our freedom.”

Jack Nicholson

“Brando’s God, man.”

Al Pacino

Learn more about such men, alpha skill sets and what it takes to lead a life of adventure and passion filled with beautiful woman, in the book called “21st CENTURY SEDUCTION”


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  1. You can ACT like A MAN! Whatsa Matter with you?

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