There is no theory of evolution. Just a list of animals Bas Rutten allows to live!

Ever wanted to learn self defence? There are some deadly moves you can learn to nulify an attacker or sqaush someone who got in your boat race. Bas Rutten is one of the hardest Mofos to walk the planet and he teaches moves in his own hilarious way, honed from years of being a champion Bushido an UFC fighter.

“Doont you ev-er do DIS!”

Bas has got some skillz, but he shouldn’t get on the wrong side of the ‘old man’ of UFC, Randy ‘the natural’ Couture, 47. ‘The natural’ still competes with the biggest baddest monsters in the ring, like Brock Lesnar, while Bas was cleaning bars with plastered reprobates. Bas, now a TV pundit, would be no match for Randy today, at least in a ring.



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