Grab a piece of the business pie!

"Once I've sent this email babe, Lets lunch in Paris, then watch the sunset in Barcelona."

Being Alpha is all about taking charge of your own destiny. Today you can be that man. There has never been a better time in history to become an entrepreneur and your own boss! The entrepreneur revolution is picking up pace and there is no time to hesitate. This is huge men. The lifestyle you have always dreamed of is within your grasp.

You now have a choice your ancestors never had. You can decide to become a big player tomorrow. Within months, you can be your own boss and trade internationally with little initial outlay. You can decide how you work, when you work and when you play. You can make your own rules.

Daniel Priestley is amongst a new breed of young adventurous and dynamic entrepreneurs doing just this, while claiming their tasty piece of the business pie.

Imagine a world where you can live a jet-set adventure everyday, while building a multi-million pound company, with just  a laptop, a website and a mobile phone. Imagine a world, where if you had a good idea and could pinpoint the right circles to be moving in, a whole new world of possibilities would open up for you. That world is here today. Look into it men. The world is yours!



Tiger V Croc

Crocodile owned!

Tigers are the top cats of nature, but seriously under threat of extinction. This beautiful and amazing predator fears no-one…but man. Even crocodiles are nothing but extra chewy cat food. Let’s respect this apex predator and say no to animal fur. Poachers are wiping out this animal to supply a huge and lucrative Chinese market for traditional ‘faux’ medicine. Let’s expose these wrongs.


Interesting how Osama Bin Laden rhymes with Obama Been lying.

This story is more than a drop in the ocean. It could well be right up there with the ‘flat earth’ story, rolled out by the authorities centuries before. Timing is everything. The governments are masters of rhetoric and roll out the stories that serve whatever agenda they choose. Even ones held on ice for years.

Obama’s rating is back up and everyone has already forgotten about the important questions about his rise and ties with Wall Street, as well as the conquest of Pakistan…just in time for the elections. All men should ask important questions about themselves and others charged with making the big decisions.

Don’t accept anything without reasonable evidence. Engage some of your own critical thinking and listen to your gut. You will get better answers in life. Alex Jones pull no punches in delivering his opinion. What do you think?

Irina Shayk



You cannot have failed to notice that all men behave completely differently around very attractive women. If they are not tripping over their own tongues, they are seeking to please her. Do guys behave like this around overweight and ugly women?

Many deluded chumps will even harbour a ridiculous belief that if they are extra nice to a hottie, she will consider sleeping with them. Pure fantasy of course, but never the less his actions are motivated by the hope.

A guy with good game, never falls for this and flips the script. This immediately indicates to an attractive women, that he hasn’t put her on a pedestal. She loves to discover this, as she now has an intriguing challenge to her feminine powers.

Subsequently, she asks herself, ‘what makes this guy so confident?’, and ‘Why isn’t he mesmerized by my beauty, when most other guys are?’

As a result, she has to change gears to prove to herself that she has power over this confident guy. It’s a massive ego boost for her if she can do so and spices up the interaction.

In many cases her game for attractive guys involves giving mixed messages. Does this sound familiar to anyone? It is in fact not to dissimilar to how a seasoned womanizer plays the game. There are some major differences of course.

Below is a list of some of the mind games and tactics women employ on the often unaware male population: A female with expansive Dame game knows how to employ all of these, in order to either manipulate men or elevate her power in an interaction, or at least benefit from the range of feedback and data.

Guys can be revealed to be more Beta or Alpha when subjected to this onslaught. She can rightfully justify her strategy, as she is ultimate seeking a king for her castle and the father of her wonderful babies.

Her tests can also clarify her earlier Alpha readings. Also, during a relationship, they can be a very useful means of keeping the guy on point and on his toes. More about that in later chaps.

Here are some curveballs often employed in ‘dame game.’ If you can see them coming, then you can hit them out the park.

1. Wearing provocative clothing, then complaining when men notice her tits and bum on show

2. Giving out her phone number, when she knows she isn’t into you

3. Flirting with guys for strategic purposes

4. Saying one thing and meaning another

5. Breaking a date last-minute

6. Completely changing her story

7. Always being late

8. Getting a guy hot and steamy before dampening his squib

9. Apparent mood swings

10. Laying mines and traps for later tests

11. Rephrasing what you say for her agenda

12. Expecting you to read her mind

13. Throwing brattish tantrums

14. Leading a guy on

15. Making a scene

15. Playing hard to get

16. Trick questions about big butts

17. Trick questions about other women

18. Sexual teasing

19. Flirting with other men in front of you

20 Talking in riddles and then testing to see if you were listening

21. Comparing you to her ex

22. Comparing you to her Dad

23. Digging up ancient history

24. Digging up your past with other women

All attractive women with solid Dame Game have evolved subtle circuitry for detecting the males that appear to have favourable attributes and that have an edge over the rest of the field.

She has also learned from a young age, how to test a mans qualities and manipulate him with a series of tests and mind games using her sexuality. It’s no accident fellas. She is serious about satisfying her needs whether it be finding Mr Right or Mr right now.

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