The game of meeting babes

This is not the game your parents played. This is not the game that middle aged psychologists, that have never been in the field understand.

The game has evolved, and you need to evolve as fast, or you are gonna get left behind, and have to settle for the scraps, hogging or cleaning up the slump busters, to stop your balls from exploding.

Do not succumb to the ‘beer goggles’ syndrome, that ugly women rely on to get laid, that help a ‘2’ at 10 look like a ’10’ at 2.

She may have looked like Halle Berry when you took her home, but in the morning, she looks more like Keith Richards & Iggy Pops secret lovechild with a hangover.

That’s enough to put anyone of a ‘morning grind’, as you would rather chew your own arm off to escape than wake her up.

I know it’s not very politically correct to say such things but heck, if you have ever evesdropped a G4, a giggling, gaggle of gossiping girlies, then you will hear much worse.

You better believe that young women today are not afraid to cut wussy men down to size in an instant, with absolutely no regrets.

You just got to toughen up, grow bigger balls, and get ready for a rollercoaster. There will be ups and downs early in the journey my friend, but the ride will be well worth it in the end. There is no sweet without the sour!

The MAS run IMMERSION BOOTCAMPS all over the world to get you up to speed and then some. The emphasis is not on seedy pick-up, but is on making you the most charismatic & attractive hunk of self-assured manlieness, playful & fun with purpose and balls, that women seek to share your reality with. Men arrive made out of cookie doe and leave carved out of stone. Gentlemen, this is not fight club, it’s fuck club.

Become the best you can be. Become a superior alpha male. It’s no longer the survival of the fittest. It’s the survival of the smartest. Smart charismatic guys get it, coz they really get it!