Is Charlie completely out if control or is he toying with the media? One thing is for sure, he certainly provides the press with plenty of material, even though much of it is probably nonsense, and he keeps us entertained. This is a man who epitomizes the rock and roll ethic of excess and rebellion, while putting his neck on the line with his political views. This may explain the level of intensity of an agenda to destroy his name. Why would you give such an insane tearaways extreme political views any credence? Credit where credit is due. Not many people with influence have honesty expressed their views on the 9/11 controversies and confronted the most corrupt people on earth – the American government. Charlie has! Most recenetly he challenged puppet Obama and his greedy Wall Street chums to give the public some answers. Not only does he have integrity and big balls, he, until very recently was the face of one of the biggest sitcoms   in America, while partying and worshipping his many goddesses. Of course, he is no saint. His highly publicised fall out with he producers of the show has turned into a hilarious saga, spawning Sheens own show, to hit back at his former employers and his critics.

It was never going to be easy, as the son of one of Hollywood’s new royalty, Martin Sheen. He could never be compared with his dad as an actor, but Charlie is carving out a new niche for himself as a complex superstar in the vien of Marlon Brando and other big personalities. You should look into him, as there is much more than meets the eye. He is very smart, frank and loyal to friends and family, and also explores his wild side in a manner that shouldn’t be replicated. No one here is advocating drugs for instance. He has had his problems too, but how could we ever really understand his life? We don’t know how much of the Tabloid tittle-tattle is true, how much is speculation or how much of it is Sheen playing up to another character for the cameras.  We got to take our hats of to him, for being a libertine and individual. Who knows where his story will end. It is curious how some-one so apparently self destructive intrigues us more than someone wholesome.

It takes all kinds to make us really appreciate how to think outside of the box, though Mr. Sheen would be the first to admit that he is no role model. We can learn something from our loose cannons in society and the celebrity circus and view what is considered sanity and the norm with different eyes. The governments and the media churn out endless junk to distract us from seeking our own paths. The majority of the celeb whores splattered across our TVs and magazines have nothing else interesting to say amidst selling their vacuous autobiogs, Pepsi poison and anything else any corporation is prepared to pay huge bucks to use their fame, in order to sell us shit. At least Charlie has more about him, good or bad.

Check out some of his interviews not featured in the trashy mainstream tabloids and channels. They range from being smart, witty, conscientious and ballsy, to highly controversial, insane, egotistical, off his head and ludicrous. They will make you think, and laugh as well as reel back in shock. Who knows what this vivid character will bring us next. Viva la difference & unpredictability.