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A superior Alpha Male will carve out his destiny on his own terms. He will often be a confident, focused man of impeccable taste & class and undoubtedly appeal to the discernible females of the population. Sometimes he will choose an arena of competition to test his skills against the best in the world.

Roger Federer chose tennis. A more artful version of the classic ‘mano-a-mano’ confrontation of sporting warriors, that requires phenomenal levels of determination, discipline and self belief.

No-one in the history of this individual sport has pushed the envelope of what can be achieved, more than Mr Federer, who not only has the all time record of Glam slams under his belt aswell as being considered the GOAT (Greatest player of all time), but he is the most complete and wonderful tennis player ever to pick up a racket.

3 is the magic number

He may also be considered as one of the best sportsman to ever live, as he is bigger than tennis. This has been recognised by Laureus, where he has picked up the most prestigious award for best world sportsman of the year 3 times!

The way he conducts himself off court, is equal to the way he plays. He is dedicated to excellence and class, whether it be in the form of graceful shot-making, fashion, philanthropy or taking care of his family. He simply is great embassador for not only tennis and sport, but for all men.

"Some people collect stamps. I collect trophies."

His determination to succeed and be the best is an inspiration for all of us seeking to find our place in the world. So what’s the secret to his success? There is no mystery. He is simply hard-working, focussed and driven. Without those attributes his natural talent wouldn’t have counted for anything.

What gives him an edge over the rest, is his respect for tennis history, and becoming the greatest. Roger is also determined to give back to those less fortunate, through the charitable foundation in his name.

By connecting to your passion and by passionately doing it, you too can achieve great things. Everyone has a great unique ability within them. Go out in the world and discover what you can be.




In most cases, understanding how to defend oneself is a very useful skill, especially if you live in Manchester. But sometimes, you just have to teach a ‘smart-ass’ a lesson and hand his ass back to him on a plate. The “foot uppercut”, or the “Double foot” kick, are useful weapons to have in your armoury, but may take a while to master.



In 1950, the idea of a teenager and all his angst, was unheard of, as the youth were seen and not heard. He occasionally received a clip around the ear or ten lashes of the cane to remind him of his place, for his own good. That was until Marlon Brando, James Dean, and Elvis Presley exploded onto their screens.

These guys changed the genetic structures of the American and British youth as well as the modern teenager with all his angst unleashed onto society. That was despite the Brando Movie, ‘The Wild ones’ being banned from UK screens for 14 years, until it’s ‘x’ rated release.

Now these nations had millions of rebels with real cause, and a hunger for anything anti-establishment, roaming freely, sharing big ideas and chasing dreams.

The Thunderbird 6T riding, leather jacket wearing, Johnny (Brando) in the movie classic ‘The Wild ones’, is asked

“What else is there to rebel against”

Johnny replies,

“What ya got?”

The troubled rebel Jim Stark (James Dean), yells to his parents,

“You are tearing me apart”

Then the snake hipped Elvis jumped out of the television into the hearts and daydreams of female teenage fantasizes, leading the charge of the biggest youth movement in history.

Ladies and gentleman, ‘Rock and Roll’, a euphemism for doing the wild thing, had arrived. The medieval morality of quiet wholesome suburbia had been given the finger. Young people insisted on exploring their sexuality and defining themselves.

Soon after, a young black man, and son of a former slave family was declaring he was ‘the greatest’ after claiming the world boxing heavyweight title in sensational fashion, as well as becoming more famous than Jesus…until Lennon and pals arrived.

“Champions aren´t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them – a desire, a dream, a vision.”

Muhammad Ali.

Once in the gaze of the public eye, the charismatic and poetic pugilist, Muhammad Ali didn’t stop talking, bombarding the gathered press, that followed his every move with fantastic qoutes.

A whole generation of young men, regardless of their creed were inspired to be great, from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Michael J. Fox, to Micheal Jordan.

“If you even dream of beating me you’d better wake up and apologize.”

Ali told his greatest rival, Joe Frazier

Ali gave them the belief, that self belief and conviction was the key to unlock their own dreams and open up a whole new world of possibilities. A message in direct opposition of oppressive regimes, demanding conformity. He was dangerous!

People began to think, that if a skinny black kid from the ghettos could rise to become a Global superstar, a World champion and an important civil rights activist why couldn’t they achieve similar heights in their chosen fields.

“I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was.”

Muhammad Ali

Ali’s incredible self belief, courage and charisma, contributed to the tidal wave of youth spirit sweeping the Western world, as Rock & Rollers and Screen Gods became teen role models.

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“I’m not so sure about these trunks anymore…you can tell my religion”

In modern western culture young men and young bucks derive many of their heroes from the big screen. Men who seemingly defy the odds, achieve the unachievable, fuck up the bad guys and always get the girl.

These guys have cahunas the size of rocks, court danger before breakfast, break the rules and make a few new ones before lunch, have a rebellious streak, a penchant for toys, a taste for excitement and an eye for the ladies.

These men are more famously renowned for their womanizing antics, which we admire the most. Of such men, nobody does it better than James Bond.

A fictional spy based on the Author, Ian Fleming himself and some of his friends from MI5 secret service operations.

“Why won’t I die? Coz you never kill me when you have the chance.”

007 is the ultimate ladies man. unshakably cool, armed with an impeccable dress sense, dashing good looks, gadgets that trump Batman’s and a loaded PPK for good measure.

In one scene Bond removes the wetsuit he was wearing to reveal a tuxedo for god’s sake. You can’t get smoooother than that.

“Shtandard ishue white tuckshedo”

That’s just for starters. He is suave, with a capital SHH, cultured, well-travelled, courtesy of her majesty the Queen, has a taste for Beluga caviar and mixed alcoholic beverages…shaken and not stirred.

He possesses a license to kill, has fought sharks and won, and overcome dangerous foes with his brain and his brawn.

We may well have him to thank for saving the free world from the clutches of numerous crazed tyrants obsessed with global domination.

And to top it off, he still has time to practise Poker, of which he is a dabhand, and pleasure hundreds of beautiful women…of which he is a dabber hand.

Then he gets to drive off into the sunset in the best cars. Bastard. That’s the definition of a real man…except he isn’t completely real.

He is the epitome of a man we wished we could be like and women fantasize about. There is a science to being smooth.

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“I like a man passionate about what he does. If his isn’t passionate about his own life, how can he be passionate about me?”

Definition of The superior Alpha male

1. Either the leader of the pack or a man with leadership qualities, who is comfortable in his own skin.

2. He is self-assured and lives by his own terms, while being highly successful with the opposite sex, due to charisma, passion, humour, playfulness, seduction skills, social set-up and social savvy that can charm the birds out the trees and the knickers off a nun.

3. He craves abundance and empowerment as opposed to greed and power, based on his more balanced demeanour and soul, thus he lacks maniacal delusions of grandeur.

4. He has just the right mix of machismo, style and class, with a light sprinkling of femininity that makes him better boyfriend material and plays the game of life without fear, treating it as a big adventure.

5. He has also a hunger for growth, knowledge, new ideas, experience and good times.

6. He is defined by being a male in charge of his own destiny and having high replication value to the females of the species.

7. He is a product of human evolution, where survival of the fittest has been replaced by survival of the smartest. The smartest being able to cultivate a lifestyle full of opportunity, adventure and sex with females of his choice, by virtue of his status as an apex male.

"I find it so sexy when a man knows what he wants and where he is going!"


There is one Superior Alpha Male, and legendary womaniser, who has had more influence on how we today percieve what it is to be Alpha, both in the movies and in life. He led the most colourful, sometimes volatile, often wild and complex life and was described by other Hollywood legends such as Jack Nicholson & Al Pacino, as a Revolution, a genius, Uniquely gifted, and God (By Pacino).

The late great Marlon Brando, was to acting and civil rights, what Muhammad Ali was to Sport and civil rights. Both of them were hugely gifted and courageous, though always controversial.

Brando changed everything, influencing every great leading male actor that followed him, from Robert DeNiro to Johnny Depp, as well as becoming the icon of teenage rebellion in the 50s.

He also set the pulses racing, and dampened the knickers of any woman he met, with the burning, brooding intensity of his sex appeal, permanently on the verge of exploding. He was a colossus of amped up muscular machismo and sensitive femininity.

The tortured but pioneering actor was a notorious womanizer, and often shared beauties with great buddy and hills neighbour Jack Nicholson. Ahh, those loveable Rogues. He also famously dated Marilyn Monroe and a string of many other famous beauties.

The following view explained his relentless and lascivious quest to nail anyone beautiful with breasts, though he had many great platonic relationships with gorgeous females…and even had a couple of deep affairs with men, as he fully explored his sexual nature.

“I don’t think it’s the nature of any man to be monogamous. Men are propelled by genetically ordained impulses over which they have no control to distribute their seed.”

He is a man who broke the mould, broke the rules and broke hearts, but no woman who succumbed to his womanising charms ultimately regrets the ride. He was a unique, engaging and passionate character, and furious inferno, which meant he could not be easily tamed. Some of his deepest loves ended in bitter divorce, and the press always attempted to use this a ammunition to slur his name.

Often cited as the “greatest actor of all time”, he made it clear how he felt disdain for the politics of the mainstream movie business, once remarking,

“The only reason I’m here in Hollywood is because I don’t have the moral courage to refuse the money. I’m a concerned human being who occasionally acts.”

Soon after this qoute he was forced out of Tinsel Town before bouncing back with some of the greatest performances ever recorded on celluloid (including a Best Actor Oscar for THE GODFATHER), before working tirelessly for various Civil rights movements, and settling in the Pacific islands of Tahiti, marrying a local girl and co-actor, and distancing himself from his former life, piling on the pounds, before finally passing amongst the land and people he adored.

“Not only was he a uniquely gifted and influential actor, but he was also an aroused citizen with broad social perspectives.”

Warren Beatty

“A genius who was the beginning and end of his own revolution. He gave us our freedom.”

Jack Nicholson

“Brando’s God, man.”

Al Pacino

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This could be the catchiest tune this summer. The Charlie Sheen Fun Machine keeps on rolling. What’s next…the movie? I keep on saying it – this guy is one of the most entertaining celebrities we have ever had, so lets enjoy him – he is real!

As he keeps telling everyone else, he knows he lives on the edge and has accepted this as his journey. Just be big enough to do it your own way, whether you wanna live on the edge, or just have adventure.

Keep on winning Charlie. Keep on winning peeps! That’s how we rolls trolls!