One of the most common mistakes in the modern dating game that nice guys make, is fixating on one girl

Dating several different girls at the same time is actually one of the most powerful tricks to developing awesome game. This point is always a contraversial one mind you.

In no way is it being suggested that you cheat on several women. We are talking about the early stage of dating, during which she will have no qualms about dumping your ass for someone else she had been dating at the same time.

Infact women do this all the time. It is the way the dating game has gone, especially since influential shows like ‘Sex and the city’, have infiltrated the minds of a whole generation of women around the planet.

If you have only just met a girl, then you are both strangers to each other. No-one owes anyone anything. In dating you, she is not promising to marry you. She is trying the goods out before she buys.

If you have ever had the misfortune of shopping with a women, than you will know how many times she can change her mind before she makes her purchase.

These days she is tempted to treat dating in a similar way. This will help explain some of the flakes. A guy who fixates on a stranger, and places a high expectation on the outcome, can often find it hard to contain his anxiousness.

He may become jealous, or concerned when she does not return his calls. He may become distracted from work and things he needs to take care of in his life.

His ego and imagination may also work overtime in  creating the illusion that she is yours already…even before she is ready to committ, thus creating a massive fear of loss.

She could easily flake at any point for numerous reasons, even if you believe you have established enough attraction.

You may infact have not established as much attraction as the other guy she was seeing. What are you gonna do? Sue her?

A fix:

While dating a girl you like, there is no harm in seeing other girls, for lunch or coffee. It will aid your game in several ways. It will keep your skills sharpened, and you can actually select the girl you prefer based on the comparison.

If the girl you had your eyes set on, flakes, don’t fall apart. You have already established attraction with another girl that maybe has a better chance of a relationship flourishing.

It’s about stacking the odds in your favour. If you do fall for each other, then it is ok to let the other girls down at this point. No-one is getting their heart broken. You barely know each other.

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An unremarkable guy that represents most of the male population, that lacks confidence and certainty. His lack of alpha attributes forces him to accept the scraps in life, including women. He can either be shy and non confrontational or he can be loud but socially retarded.

Either way his under developed skill set hinders almost every aspect of his life, drastically limiting his choices. This routinely manifests in his generally submissive behaviour, especially around the opposite sex.

As a result he spends more time masturbating to images of women instead of creaming inside of them. In anthropological terms they are the Beta males of the human gene pool, that has lower replication value than an Alpha male, for any number of reasons.

Most mens dicks get limp in the presence of an empowered woman

Conveying submissive or accommodating behaviour as your opening gambit can sink your ship before it’s docked.

If you always feel like you are five years too late for the prom, or that you were born under a bad sign, there is a reason for it. If you have zero confidence and get tongue-tied in the presence of beauty, there is a reason for it.

It is time to finally understand why you feel the way you do and why the world is the way that it is. You may be surprised and even horrified at the truth, for what has been presented to you as reality is in the main is a sham.

If you feel like a loser in life or a failure with women, it is time to finally realise you are not. You are just acting like one. You just have to realise that you have the power to change, for the late bloomers often become the kings of the game.

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Pick-up line

Novices are tempted to use ‘pick-up’ lines, to cover up for their lack of real game. No pick up line alone, is ever going to make a woman want to sleep with you, but it can help break the ice.

Breaking the ice and gaining attraction are not the same thing. A novice may foolishly believe the myth that the quality of his pick-up line will determine his success.

99.9% of woman will not be impressed, as it comes off cheesy. Being cheesy isn’t the best first impression. Some of the pickup lines circulating on the net are cheesier than a deep pan Cheese and Tomato Pizza with extra Mozarella.

Do you honestly believe that a super babe, who can have the pick of the guys in the club is gonna suddenly think to her self, I’ve struck gold, when you rattle a line of like;

The only thing that would look better on you is me


Do you wash your clothes in Windex? Coz I can see myself in your pants.

If you are guilty of downloading and using such lines, hold your heads in shame you cheeseballs. Do not persist with this strategy to get laid, unless you don’t mind being single for the rest of your days.

A fix:

Pick up lines don’t pick women up. The key is to say something that breaks the ice in a way that makes it seem like you are not hitting on her. The funnier or more original you are the better. This buys you time to convey traits she becomes drawn to.

One way of doing this is to invite a conversation with her by either getting her opinion on something or asking an open ended question.

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Bad approaches

Approaching a girl in the wrong way can instantaneously destroy your game and you chances with her. Your approach style speaks volumes about your confidence levels. A novice may feel intimidated by the situation, and approach almost apalogetically, as if she will take pity on him, and fall in love. Not gonna happen! Conversely, a guy attempting to woo her with an harsh arrogant demeanour will turn her-off, because it often indicates lack of confidence, or issues. She can often see through the front.


Approaching the girl from behind is a bit creepy and can freak her out too. Invading her personal space too soon can eek her out just as much. Guys lacking success with women blindly fall into these pitfalls, then blame her for not giving him a chance. It is not her fault that a guy hasn’t invested his time in understanding women.


A fix:

There is an art to the approach, where adhering to basic rules can really increase your chances with her. Remember this is often her very first impression of you. You have an opportunity to really grab her attention in the first seconds of your interaction, if you get it right. The first lesson is to avoid the mistakes mentioned above.


Approach at an angle in her view, with a charming smile and good eye contact. This cannot be flawed. Speak clearly and confidently, with a low voice, and Alpha body language. Do this well and you are immediately in the game, instead of digging yourself out of a hole like a two bit mud troll from the off.



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Treat them mean to keep them keen

Seeming too keen

There is a famous saying that goes, ‘Treat them mean to keep them keen’. There isn’t a famous saying that goes, ‘Act real keen to keep them keen’. Over conveying keenness can be one of the most unattractive things you can do. This is one of the main factors of why so many guys struggle to impress women. By acting as a bright eyed kid in a candy store, you are basically putting her on a pedestal.

In her mind you are conveying Betaness as you see her as the prize. By being excessively nice and keen to please it will tell her you like her a lot without even really knowing her. Her mind doesn’t work the same. Infact she may even become suspicious, as it smacks of someone lacking confidence or blinded by her beauty. It doesn’t trigger attraction.

A fix:

It is far more powerful to mix up keenness with a laid back attitude and occasional glimpses of slight boredom that suggests you are not concerned with the outcome. Mixing your vibe can really keep her on her toes. To maximize this dynamic, you really need to understand the art of push and pull.

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