There is no theory of evolution. Just a list of animals Bas Rutten allows to live!

Ever wanted to learn self defence? There are some deadly moves you can learn to nulify an attacker or sqaush someone who got in your boat race. Bas Rutten is one of the hardest Mofos to walk the planet and he teaches moves in his own hilarious way, honed from years of being a champion Bushido an UFC fighter.

“Doont you ev-er do DIS!”

Bas has got some skillz, but he shouldn’t get on the wrong side of the ‘old man’ of UFC, Randy ‘the natural’ Couture, 47. ‘The natural’ still competes with the biggest baddest monsters in the ring, like Brock Lesnar, while Bas was cleaning bars with plastered reprobates. Bas, now a TV pundit, would be no match for Randy today, at least in a ring.





Get big and ripped fast – possess sexy 6 pack & slabs of muscle and attract hot babes with pure masculine allure!

Sounds too good to be true huh? At the SAS we do not make wild claims. We tell it like how it is. Those of you living in the gym, sucking down gallons of protein shakes or even sticking needles into your butts in order to build a dream body are wasting your valuable life force, and hard-earned bucks, as well as endangering your health.

If you are not a professional athlete or an A list hollywood lead actor, you cannot really justify the time and money you are spending or the health risks, trying to attain a lust worthy body women drool over.

In the light of the real science of building a big and ripped physique, it simply doesn’t make sense. If you are an average joe, with a steady job, and you are happy to spend the rest of your time in the gym, and all your pocket-money on junk food like protein shakes, then good luck, but it’s a fools game. Make no mistake about that.

Most protein shakes are actually bad for you, and a good brand should only be considered in order to SUPPLEMENT your diet. Not SUBSTITUTE your diet. I know there isn’t much time in the day, to cook lots of meals everyday…especially if you are swinging weights around several hours at a time.

If this article disqualifies the guys who don’t value their time, then it serves it’s purpose. Those of you still here, then let me share some valuable information. Unless you are on the juice, and I don’t mean OJ, then spending more than 30 mins in the gym is stupid, unless you just can’t get enough of the smell of sweat and jock straps.

If you are seeking to build a body that will make you more appealing to the opposite sex, then you should be seeking to spend less time in the gym and more time out and about in talent rich locations, showing of your masculine mountain of muscle.

Life is too short fellas. Fortunately, there is a society of adventurous free thinking males, who are only interested in maximizing their time, whether it be in the gym, in business, or while having fun.

…5, 6, 7, 8. Just checking!

Entrepreneur and former body building champion, Lazo Freeman is one of those chaps. He has too many things on his plate and too much excitement to experience, to waste his time, hence he has devised a scientifically based training method to get optimal results faster than ever.

Which version of Lazo do you think the Ladies prefer?

He is also a guy who knows all about the frustrations of training for hours with no gain. In fact, he was a tubby geek, with low self-confidence and no self-respect. Today, he is the complete opposite, totally on point and achieving all his dreams, like a laser guided missile.

The turning point came in his life when he really took a good look in the mirror, and decided he didn’t like what he saw, and where it was coming from. From that point onwards he applied a new mindset, and gave himself clear goals…and knuckled down.

His desperation and hunger to transform his life led to hours in the gym in order to build a body he could be proud of and succeed with the ladies. Hours and hours of huff and puff and more frustrations led him to take a second look at what he was trying to achieve and reassess who he really was.

That’s when the magic happened. When he realised that applying a smarter approach would yield better results, his gains exploded. He decided to man up and take responsibility for his life, and learnt self-respect, by doing it for himself.

His subsequent voyage of self discovery, laid the foundations for a new approach to body building for the normal guy. In fact, to prove a point, he entered the world of bodybuilding, picking up championship gold medals before deciding to focus on his own businesses and refining a system he could teach to other people.

Lazo knows the law

Currently, much of his client base are wealthy achievers, because they seriously value their time. This does price the mainstream out, as he now charges a premium for his knowledge, as he prefers to spend less time teaching and more time discovering the abundant opportunities in life, and facing new exciting challenges.

When the SAS approached him, he was glad to be involved in the project, as he still wanted to share his findings and knowledge for other guys that suffer similar frustrations to the old out of shape Lazo.

As a result, he refined his system, to a 20 minute workout, that not only builds slabs of muscle and gorilla strength, but torches off unwanted jiggly crap, so that the muscle isn’t hidden away by layers of fat. Thats good news for your six-pack, if it has never seen the light of day.

In fact if you look more like Pee wee Herman than He-man, or a teletubbie or are a stubborn hard-gainer, you will still yield amazing results from this program. If you have any doubts, then take a look at Lazo. He lives by his principles. It is also tried and tested on his clients. His transformation client book will amaze you.

The reason why the workout is so short and sweet, and yet able to produce better gains than any other system out there is because Lazo has applied science, trial and error, and heart into his approach to building a clients ULTIMATE BODY.

By ramping up the intensity, and giving the body more recovery time, his system works with nature, not against it. The Lazo Freeman training principles (LFTP), also pinpoints all the factors that determine health and growth, while eliminating the factors that harm development.

By applying precision timing of nutrients, reps, and recovery while managing and controlling the hormones, his system maximizes GH (Growth hormone) and testosterone production. As most of us should know, that is the whole point of training. NOT THE LIFTING. The lifting is merely a stimulus in a chain of events, that force the body to adapt.

All is revealed in the DVD, available on the SAS website.

by Vio

Power press-ups

Do you press up like a girl? There are many variations of this basic exercise that can develop your power and strength, without the use of a gym. It’s no wonder the hardest men on the planet integrate this group of exercises in their intense training regimens, including the Zohan.

Loui Fazakerley, who features in the ULTIMATE BODY program, that is part of the ULTIMATE GUIDE FOR THE MODERN ALPHA MALE is an Elite Sports Performance Coach based in London, UK.

He can show you how to maximally benefit from this classic bodyweight workout, until you are able to progress to the Zohan, “No-handers”, which will attain you legendary status in the gym.

Loui Fazakerley is a qualified Personal Trainer and Holistic Lifestyle Coach (Chek Certified).

The years he has spent playing for a Professional Football Club in the English Premier League has helped him develop cutting edge training techniques for the benefit of his high net worth clients and Sports Players and Athletes.