Grab a piece of the business pie!

"Once I've sent this email babe, Lets lunch in Paris, then watch the sunset in Barcelona."

Being Alpha is all about taking charge of your own destiny. Today you can be that man. There has never been a better time in history to become an entrepreneur and your own boss! The entrepreneur revolution is picking up pace and there is no time to hesitate. This is huge men. The lifestyle you have always dreamed of is within your grasp.

You now have a choice your ancestors never had. You can decide to become a big player tomorrow. Within months, you can be your own boss and trade internationally with little initial outlay. You can decide how you work, when you work and when you play. You can make your own rules.

Daniel Priestley is amongst a new breed of young adventurous and dynamic entrepreneurs doing just this, while claiming their tasty piece of the business pie.

Imagine a world where you can live a jet-set adventure everyday, while building a multi-million pound company, with just  a laptop, a website and a mobile phone. Imagine a world, where if you had a good idea and could pinpoint the right circles to be moving in, a whole new world of possibilities would open up for you. That world is here today. Look into it men. The world is yours!



300 million dollar man!

“Everything starts with a dream, a particle of our imagination that teases us of what the future could be like, as long as we fight for it.”

Gurbaksh Chahal

At the Superior Alpha Society, we love the stories of men who are self-made successes. There are not many better examples then the dashing Gurbaksh Chahal, an American Indian entrepreneur, who sold his second company for $300 million to Yahoo at the tender age of 25.

Not bad for a high school drop out, who is the son of hard working Indian immigrants. They had to work menial jobs, double shifts to keep the one bedroom flat over their heads. Infact, at age 16 he decided that he wanted something much, much bigger for himself, and went after his dream like a tornado. 2 years later, his company, by now employing 35 people, was sold for $40 million, making him one of the worlds youngest millionaires.

“G” as he is known, has brains, style and carries himself with class as well as being family oriented and philanthrophic. He is also in great shape! His Attraction Net worth as well as his financial Net worth is through the roof.

This makes him one of the worlds most ‘eligible bachelors’, as Gurbaksh has hoardes of young hot women swooning. Keep an eye on this one as his future is very bright. Nothing is impossible as he embraces risk with zeal. Infact it is his motto. No risk no gain. Take that on board men, as you mould your futures. Always think big and take risks.