French fancy holiday

Confessions of a 21st Century seduction artist – part 1

Most summers, the gang would travel to several prime party coastal towns, where we had mates, for long boozy weekends, prowling on the large influx of foreign female summer students, mainly from France and Scandinavia. They were away from home and judgemental eyes, so they let their hair down. We were obliged to show up and do our bit for foreign relations. There was one club in Brighton that the best foreign talent seem to favour.

Guess where you would find us? Right in the thick of it, primed by the pre-club drink crawl. The pre-match talk, at the hotel was all about scoring more than the opposition, and a shoot on sight policy. Everyone else becomes more confident on holiday, as the rules of home no longer apply. The social status you accrue at home, has little bearing in a new territory. What counts is a bold game. One summer of love ended with a French kiss, under a moonlit night sky by the beach. My last goodbye with a beautiful girl called Oralie, who was returning to home to her lifeless little French village by the sea…


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