"aaah... this is the life...I love a good soak!...Kermit..You still alive over there hahal"

There is no smoke without fire. There is no steam without boiling frogs.

Conspiracy theories are all too easy to be relegated to the lunatic fringe, but in reality who are the real lunatics? Isn’t it lunacy to turn a blind eye to the very creatures that are slowly devouring you, as long as they do it slowly? Sounds like the classic tale of the “boiled frog”, which goes;

Place a frog in a pan of boiling water and it will jump straight out. Place a frog in cool water and turn up the heat gradually and it will not perceive the obvious danger and cook to death.

Unfortunately, this is the state of the world today. It’s gotten so bad, that certain individuals have now virtually completed the looting of the global economy, without the frog realising the water is getting dangerously hot, as he reads his tabloid paper sipping on a bud while tugging on a doobie.

The frog has gotten so comfortable that he cannot perceive the watery grave he is being boiled alive in. He has become completely delusional and lost the ability to react to danger, even though his skin has now completely fallen off.

The skinless frog has become so lethargic, that he didn’t notice that the creatures have bought all mainstream media, that they already didn’t own, including the rag of a paper he reads religiously every day. They are also the same creatures that have gotten there claws into most governments of the world. Coincidence? I think not.

I'm the 'Gaffer'

We are not talking about David Ickes green lizards by the way. They are as human as we are. They just tend to have bluer blood. Bush and Obama may not speak with a plum in their mouths (Bush can barely talk even without a plum in his mouth) or wear crowns encrusted with the diamonds and jewels plundered from the blood and sweat of the conquered subjects, but they have blood as blue as our Queen.

They are also about as English as the British Royal Family, who in fact are German. Holy Sauerkraut! Anyone who seriously studies history will know this. Those passionately seeking historical veracity will also be well aware that most US presidents and most individuals at the top of global corporations as well as the European Union are actually all aristocracy linked to powerful European Dynasties.

The average joe on the street will neither be aware of this or really care. The only dynasty he knows of was full of big hair, shoulder pads and bad acting. Frogs! The reason why we should care, is because these blue blooded creatures not only own all mainstream media, they also own all your property and land. It just doesn’t appear that way because people cannot see the wood for the trees, and the Rothschilds own all of them too.

Ever since the Rothschilds (who are part of Ancient European dynasties) purchased Reuters over 100 years ago, they have controlled and tailored virtually all the news we have ever seen to this day, to covertly promote any agendas they seek to push for themselves and their relations. Talk about keeping it in the family.

“Rothschild is the Lord and Master of the money markets of the world, and of course virtually Lord and Master of everything else.”

– Benjamin Disraeli, British Prime Minister

Even though the Rothschilds appear to be a separate banking family with more wealth than the rest of the world put together, they are actually relations of the British Windsors, who after all are not the really called the Windsors or really British (& 90% of the British public have no idea). The Rothschilds are in fact the Banking branch of the European aristocracy.

The Windsors, really House of Saxe-Coburg ( adopted that name just before the First World War to avert any negative reactions to the fact that they were Germans ruling British people. After all, the Germans were the enemy, with the aim of conquering Britain! Whats in a name eh?

So the Frog continues to backstroke in his watery grave oblivious to the mounting dangers, despite the sound of popping organs, and steaming puss pouring from his eyes. And it goes on and on. So ask the man in the street about conspiracy theories and he will scoff. He will simply recite the phony articles and propaganda debunking conspiracy, without even questioning it, with such foolish smugness, he cannot see the omelets in his eyes.

Shame really as he may have realised the very people debunking conspiracy are the conspiracy themselves. THEY OWN ALL MAINSTREAM MEDIA. THEY WILL PRODUCE WHATEVER PROPOGANDA SERVES THEIR PURPOSE. If that means placating the plebs with tabloid pap, and TV filled with Britneys skanky Fanny or Tiger Woods philandering, then they will have no problem serving them this for breakfast, dinner and tea.

They figure that if this junk media keeps him so occupied, that he does not notice the thief stealing the clothes of his back, and removing both his kidneys, then they should create a new celebrity every 5 minutes.

Some of you curious to how this could be possible should watch the 1976 movie classic, ‘Network’, starring Robert Duvall (From the Godfather). It may open your mind enough to begin to understand why the frog boils to death. This may be a rabbit hole you decide to climb further down.

So climb out of the water because you recognise the purpose of a pan, and keep your eyes open. And for man kinds and your own sake investigate people who are influencing your outcomes. It is only the habit of a sane man. Not caring about the forces and people that determine your outcomes is insanity. A word of warning.

There are just as many conspiracy cranks in the field as there are great researchers and historians, completely dedicated and constantly on the case in the name of historical veracity.

You will have to use your own judgement, and train your skill of discernment to get closer to an answer that fits the bigger picture better, but for fuck sake don’t just accept anything you are told, like a dumb twit, or blindly follow the consensus like a fucking Lemming. Lemmings have an excuse. Their brains are the size of ant turds.

Use your big brain and involve some grey matter with critical thinking. It’s your life and no-one has the right to impose there will on you…that is unless you choose to surrender meekly to them like a biatch. Then you get the abuse you deserve. You are not a frog, a dumb twit, a Lemming or a biatch, so grow some king kong balls and take charge of your own destiny. See the bigger picture and learn who the real lunatics are. Ignorance is never bliss.


by Vio