“I’m not so sure about these trunks anymore…you can tell my religion”

In modern western culture young men and young bucks derive many of their heroes from the big screen. Men who seemingly defy the odds, achieve the unachievable, fuck up the bad guys and always get the girl.

These guys have cahunas the size of rocks, court danger before breakfast, break the rules and make a few new ones before lunch, have a rebellious streak, a penchant for toys, a taste for excitement and an eye for the ladies.

These men are more famously renowned for their womanizing antics, which we admire the most. Of such men, nobody does it better than James Bond.

A fictional spy based on the Author, Ian Fleming himself and some of his friends from MI5 secret service operations.

“Why won’t I die? Coz you never kill me when you have the chance.”

007 is the ultimate ladies man. unshakably cool, armed with an impeccable dress sense, dashing good looks, gadgets that trump Batman’s and a loaded PPK for good measure.

In one scene Bond removes the wetsuit he was wearing to reveal a tuxedo for god’s sake. You can’t get smoooother than that.

“Shtandard ishue white tuckshedo”

That’s just for starters. He is suave, with a capital SHH, cultured, well-travelled, courtesy of her majesty the Queen, has a taste for Beluga caviar and mixed alcoholic beverages…shaken and not stirred.

He possesses a license to kill, has fought sharks and won, and overcome dangerous foes with his brain and his brawn.

We may well have him to thank for saving the free world from the clutches of numerous crazed tyrants obsessed with global domination.

And to top it off, he still has time to practise Poker, of which he is a dabhand, and pleasure hundreds of beautiful women…of which he is a dabber hand.

Then he gets to drive off into the sunset in the best cars. Bastard. That’s the definition of a real man…except he isn’t completely real.

He is the epitome of a man we wished we could be like and women fantasize about. There is a science to being smooth.

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