You cannot have failed to notice that all men behave completely differently around very attractive women. If they are not tripping over their own tongues, they are seeking to please her. Do guys behave like this around overweight and ugly women?

Many deluded chumps will even harbour a ridiculous belief that if they are extra nice to a hottie, she will consider sleeping with them. Pure fantasy of course, but never the less his actions are motivated by the hope.

A guy with good game, never falls for this and flips the script. This immediately indicates to an attractive women, that he hasn’t put her on a pedestal. She loves to discover this, as she now has an intriguing challenge to her feminine powers.

Subsequently, she asks herself, ‘what makes this guy so confident?’, and ‘Why isn’t he mesmerized by my beauty, when most other guys are?’

As a result, she has to change gears to prove to herself that she has power over this confident guy. It’s a massive ego boost for her if she can do so and spices up the interaction.

In many cases her game for attractive guys involves giving mixed messages. Does this sound familiar to anyone? It is in fact not to dissimilar to how a seasoned womanizer plays the game. There are some major differences of course.

Below is a list of some of the mind games and tactics women employ on the often unaware male population: A female with expansive Dame game knows how to employ all of these, in order to either manipulate men or elevate her power in an interaction, or at least benefit from the range of feedback and data.

Guys can be revealed to be more Beta or Alpha when subjected to this onslaught. She can rightfully justify her strategy, as she is ultimate seeking a king for her castle and the father of her wonderful babies.

Her tests can also clarify her earlier Alpha readings. Also, during a relationship, they can be a very useful means of keeping the guy on point and on his toes. More about that in later chaps.

Here are some curveballs often employed in ‘dame game.’ If you can see them coming, then you can hit them out the park.

1. Wearing provocative clothing, then complaining when men notice her tits and bum on show

2. Giving out her phone number, when she knows she isn’t into you

3. Flirting with guys for strategic purposes

4. Saying one thing and meaning another

5. Breaking a date last-minute

6. Completely changing her story

7. Always being late

8. Getting a guy hot and steamy before dampening his squib

9. Apparent mood swings

10. Laying mines and traps for later tests

11. Rephrasing what you say for her agenda

12. Expecting you to read her mind

13. Throwing brattish tantrums

14. Leading a guy on

15. Making a scene

15. Playing hard to get

16. Trick questions about big butts

17. Trick questions about other women

18. Sexual teasing

19. Flirting with other men in front of you

20 Talking in riddles and then testing to see if you were listening

21. Comparing you to her ex

22. Comparing you to her Dad

23. Digging up ancient history

24. Digging up your past with other women

All attractive women with solid Dame Game have evolved subtle circuitry for detecting the males that appear to have favourable attributes and that have an edge over the rest of the field.

She has also learned from a young age, how to test a mans qualities and manipulate him with a series of tests and mind games using her sexuality. It’s no accident fellas. She is serious about satisfying her needs whether it be finding Mr Right or Mr right now.

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Are you constantly falling for her tests?

Most guys are totally oblivious to the fact that attractive women use tests all the time to weed out the also rans from the real thing.

It’s instinctive for her. If a guy is unaware of this then he is going to consistently fail the tests. This is one of the ways females play the game in their own way. It’s the DAME GAME.

The hotter the babe, the more guys hit on you. She has to have a sequence of tests, firstly to eliminate all the guys that only see her as just a hot fuck, then to whittle down the remaining suitors to a manageable amount.

It’s got to get fucking tedious, having between 10 and 50 guys hit on you every day of your life. We won’t make it a habit of having sympathy for such women, as their lives are made so much easier in other ways, as a result of their looks.

Her screening process will include testing the male on his Alpha Grade. This involves playing hardball, to see if he can back up his confident demeanour. Most guys crumble like Grandmas butter shortcake.

She isn’t naive enough to think men are tripping over their own tongues because of her brains, but she wants to be valued for more than her beauty alone.

Another line of tests involve testing whether the guy believes in himself as the prize. She loves authentic confidence. A great way for her to do this, is to see how easy a guy is controllable, by her beauty.

A guy with top game can spot this a mile of, and will counter by cheekiness and banter. Women see this as affirmative proof of his manliness, and tick the boxes.

This is when nice guys rightly get shot down – the guy who is mesmerized by her beauty and becomes easy to push around, in his attempts to please. She loves this in a friend, and hates this in a lover.

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Puppy power – Boobs

Are you talking to me…or the twins?

Women’s secret source of power over men. Having the right boobs and knowing how to work them often results in social and economic gain.

You can never underestimate the power of the rack. We are talking of boobs, breasts or bosoms, also affectionately known as Brad Pitts, norks, tits, baps, hooters, bazoongas, melons, coconuts, cones, pillows, babaloos, bazookas, bijongas, bristols, cans, dumplings, funbags, Gods milk bottles, jugs, knockers, mammaries, muffins, torpedos, zeppilins, wilsons and alarmingly, chesticles.

“Size isn’t everything…it’s what you do with them!”

They come in all shapes and sizes, but no red blooded male can ignore a well presented pair. Often, the bigger the better, though pert small ones on a delicate frame are just as wonderful.

Men are mesmerized by jiggling breasts, as his primal mind shunts the blood from his big brain to his little brain, in the preparation for sex. They are major sexual organs.

This beggars the question, that if most men become instantly aroused at the sight of bouncing bijongas, how the hell did they get anything done in the ages before females covered up their modesty. An aroused caveman would have had only one thing on his mind.

Clearly times have changed and the tables have turned. It is women who get sex when they want. Not the other way around. For instance, when a hot and horny girlfriend demands to be ravished, no sane guy has ever refused her, using excuses like a headache or tiredness…that is unless she has genuinely worn him out.

At the mere sight of a cleavage, most men lose the power of speech, rational thinking and the ability to take in any other information. Funny how a jiggling chest fat can make him deaf too. Women all know the power of the puppies, and they feature largely in much of her seduction.

Since the advent of plastic surgery, many women less well endowed now happily shell out for a pair of fake ones, to gain a similar advantage. Silicone boobs generally have the same visual effect on the primal male mind, though they do not really jiggle like real ones, thus can never look or feel as good.

Regardless, boob implants and even bum implants have become a global boom business, as more and more women see a benefit of investing in these powerful weapons of mass seduction.

In reality, it’s not about how big a females boobs are, but how they use them. The females who truly understand this, use their posture, and feminine moves, as well as highly flattering clothes, that use cleavage to tease, as that is where the real power lies. She will also emphasize her other sexy assets, from her lips, to her legs, to her hair and most importantly her eyes.

Other less curvy woman not tempted by this artificial aid will tend to have more sophisticated game that ultimately has more power over the guys she seeks to attract into her life. These guys will worship her boobs because they are attached to a woman they adore.

Saying that, plastic surgery is a boom business. Medical tourism is an astonishing and shocking phenomena, where millions of people seek cheaper medical procedures and affordable luxury during recovery, in other countries like Brazil.

This is not a healthy trend, as there can often be negative health and psychological issues as a consequence. Unfortunately, the mass media promotes this ‘barbie doll’ image of beauty as something to aspire to, when all women can be astonishingly attractive working with what they have.

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Daddy’s girl

Stop smiling at him…no man is going to touch you…I’m watching you and your Daddies lips like a hawk.

A Daddy’s girl isn’t a girl who has a thing for Daddy’s. She does have a thing for guys that remind her of her Papa though. In extreme cases she may me brattish, after being spoilt all her life. She could potentially be an annoying little prima dona as a result, especially if she possesses good looks. Not only does she get preferential treatment in her everyday life, she has also been conditioned to believe she is a princess, by her excessively protective papa.

He will have raised her expectations of what she needs in a guy, by his words and his actions. Unfortunately, this can lead her to believe that a guy must fit this bill to be considered. This may include paying for everything, as well as fixing her life. He would have also warned her many times of the sly nature of some men out for one thing, thus her guard will be high. She will have a good awareness of the game, if her Father recollects his scoundrel days as a player from his youth.

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Gold digger

Some girls marry 90 year old billionaires with heart problems, for love…

I’m an excellent housekeeper. Every time I get a divorce, I keep the house. –

Zsa Zsa Gabor

Some girls simply have no scruples, and see sex as a way to fund an expensive lifestyle without having to work. It is unfair to compare her to a high class hooker, but in essence there isn’t much difference. It would also be inaccurate to describe all gold diggers as morally corrupt harpies preying on unsuspecting millionaires. These so called male victims know the score, and the implications of having a big bank account. In the same way some hot women can never be sure a guy really likes them for more than their looks, a guy who is minted may attract attention from women posing as a love interest in order to get her grubby mitts on his wonga.

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Alpha babes

What would men be without women? Scarce, sir, mighty scarce.

Mark Twain

You cannot underestimate how much time and effort a beautiful woman invests in herself, to be selected by the best males. That’s right. She wants to be selected, despite her believing she is selecting the guy.

Exotic curves or vampire chic?

Guess who. Ladies…would you eva leave the house without make-up & and forgetting to zap the moustache?

It takes a boob job, fake tan, dyed hair & layers of airbrushing to become a young males fantasy

Did Tom fall for Kate’s boyish good looks, or the hollywood makeover?

The Blonde scarecrow on the left is a supermodel on her days off

A high value woman will have top drawer game, that creates scenarios and opportunities for her to elevate her social status, giving her close proximity to the higher value guys of society. Once she is in these circles, she can now literally wait to be selected by higher value guys, as opposed to trying to decipher from thousands of guys hopeless advances, and trying to decipher which is a good bet, based on the value he is conveying.

All is explained in the book, 21st CENTURY SEDUCTION ARTIST, out now!

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The monthly curse!

Those wonderful and emotional creatures that make life worth living can also make life complicated. Obvious biological differences between the sexes impact heavily on the way we perceive time for instance. If something bleeds for a week and doesn’t die…it must be evil or seriously gangster. Women experience life differently from men. A guy must understand that her hormones and emotions are fluctuating all the time based on her monthly cycle. This is something men can be grateful for not having to endure themselves. It’s not pleasant and can be painful for her.

She has to go through several days of discomfort every month, and the chore of stuffing tampons up her fufu, to stem the flow of blood or wearing pads in her knickers to catch the leak. No wonder she wants to rip the head off or scratch the eyes out of anyone near her, during her period. I wonder how guys would deal with having to suffer something similar. We must take our hats of to them, mark the date and evacuate the vicinity.

Actually, this is not acceptable gents, if you are in a relationship with a lovely lady. She will expect you to be totally understanding and supportive during this time. She often will be extra emotional and slightly fragile. Finding a guy who accepts that understanding her womanly issues is part of the deal is not an easy undertaking. This is why she has to integrate certain tests to gauge the guys attitude. Clever.

All is explained in the book, 21st CENTURY SEDUCTION ARTIST, out now!

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