Ever since Tom Cruise goofily bounced on Oprah’s sofa, proclaiming his undying love for Katie his popularity and stock plummeted like a lead balloon.
The talented actor, once the biggest movie star in the world and favourite of Hollywood producers and Hollywood business men, was paid big bucks, as his name guaranteed to make any film an international hit and goldmine.
These days, he seems to spend more time campaigning for the very strange cult of Scientology. He insists, they can help. Not only will they bring peace to the world, but they also have the answers to all the worlds ills.
Whatever the real story is, his public image has taken a barrage of hits, via a succession of disastrous tv interviews, and rumours about his sexuality and apparent marriages of convenience.

The former high-flying top gun is more of a high-powered pea shooter these days, but still makes a bob or two from the ‘Mission Impossible’ film series, picking up a nice percentage. He may be weird, but he is very smart.
Born Thomas Mapother, Cruises incredible rise and fall, also reflects how fickle the public can be and how viscous the ravenous media always is. On one level, Tom’s smugness and wealth eventually turned people off. He became too famous.
When you reach the absolute pinnacle there is only one way to go and that’s down, in flames…crash and burn, and everyone joins in taking potshots on the way down. And the hits just keeeep on coming!