The Fed express

A superior Alpha Male will carve out his destiny on his own terms. He will often be a confident, focused man of impeccable taste & class and undoubtedly appeal to the discernible females of the population. Sometimes he will choose an arena of competition to test his skills against the best in the world.

Roger Federer chose tennis. A more artful version of the classic ‘mano-a-mano’ confrontation of sporting warriors, that requires phenomenal levels of determination, discipline and self belief.

No-one in the history of this individual sport has pushed the envelope of what can be achieved, more than Mr Federer, who not only has the all time record of Glam slams under his belt aswell as being considered the GOAT (Greatest player of all time), but he is the most complete and wonderful tennis player ever to pick up a racket.

3 is the magic number

He may also be considered as one of the best sportsman to ever live, as he is bigger than tennis. This has been recognised by Laureus, where he has picked up the most prestigious award for best world sportsman of the year 3 times!

The way he conducts himself off court, is equal to the way he plays. He is dedicated to excellence and class, whether it be in the form of graceful shot-making, fashion, philanthropy or taking care of his family. He simply is great embassador for not only tennis and sport, but for all men.

"Some people collect stamps. I collect trophies."

His determination to succeed and be the best is an inspiration for all of us seeking to find our place in the world. So what’s the secret to his success? There is no mystery. He is simply hard-working, focussed and driven. Without those attributes his natural talent wouldn’t have counted for anything.

What gives him an edge over the rest, is his respect for tennis history, and becoming the greatest. Roger is also determined to give back to those less fortunate, through the charitable foundation in his name.

By connecting to your passion and by passionately doing it, you too can achieve great things. Everyone has a great unique ability within them. Go out in the world and discover what you can be.