Tiger V Croc

Crocodile owned!

Tigers are the top cats of nature, but seriously under threat of extinction. This beautiful and amazing predator fears no-one…but man. Even crocodiles are nothing but extra chewy cat food. Let’s respect this apex predator and say no to animal fur. Poachers are wiping out this animal to supply a huge and lucrative Chinese market for traditional ‘faux’ medicine. Let’s expose these wrongs.



Interesting how Osama Bin Laden rhymes with Obama Been lying.

This story is more than a drop in the ocean. It could well be right up there with the ‘flat earth’ story, rolled out by the authorities centuries before. Timing is everything. The governments are masters of rhetoric and roll out the stories that serve whatever agenda they choose. Even ones held on ice for years.

Obama’s rating is back up and everyone has already forgotten about the important questions about his rise and ties with Wall Street, as well as the conquest of Pakistan…just in time for the elections. All men should ask important questions about themselves and others charged with making the big decisions.

Don’t accept anything without reasonable evidence. Engage some of your own critical thinking and listen to your gut. You will get better answers in life. Alex Jones pull no punches in delivering his opinion. What do you think?


Sometimes you need to look at life from a completely different perspective to get a better understanding of it all. We all need to be reminded from time to time that we are all part of something much, much bigger.