This is a more common problem for men than people realise and can be extremely embarrassing, if you are trying to get da girl!  It doesn’t matter how silky your approach is, if you can’t control what’s going on in your pants.

Fear not, a solution is available. Not only will you be able to get locked into da set with hot honies, but you will be able to keep them coming back for more, by impressing them with your bedroom prowess.

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“I like a man passionate about what he does. If his isn’t passionate about his own life, how can he be passionate about me?”

Definition of The superior Alpha male

1. Either the leader of the pack or a man with leadership qualities, who is comfortable in his own skin.

2. He is self-assured and lives by his own terms, while being highly successful with the opposite sex, due to charisma, passion, humour, playfulness, seduction skills, social set-up and social savvy that can charm the birds out the trees and the knickers off a nun.

3. He craves abundance and empowerment as opposed to greed and power, based on his more balanced demeanour and soul, thus he lacks maniacal delusions of grandeur.

4. He has just the right mix of machismo, style and class, with a light sprinkling of femininity that makes him better boyfriend material and plays the game of life without fear, treating it as a big adventure.

5. He has also a hunger for growth, knowledge, new ideas, experience and good times.

6. He is defined by being a male in charge of his own destiny and having high replication value to the females of the species.

7. He is a product of human evolution, where survival of the fittest has been replaced by survival of the smartest. The smartest being able to cultivate a lifestyle full of opportunity, adventure and sex with females of his choice, by virtue of his status as an apex male.

"I find it so sexy when a man knows what he wants and where he is going!"


Are you constantly falling for her tests?

Most guys are totally oblivious to the fact that attractive women use tests all the time to weed out the also rans from the real thing.

It’s instinctive for her. If a guy is unaware of this then he is going to consistently fail the tests. This is one of the ways females play the game in their own way. It’s the DAME GAME.

The hotter the babe, the more guys hit on you. She has to have a sequence of tests, firstly to eliminate all the guys that only see her as just a hot fuck, then to whittle down the remaining suitors to a manageable amount.

It’s got to get fucking tedious, having between 10 and 50 guys hit on you every day of your life. We won’t make it a habit of having sympathy for such women, as their lives are made so much easier in other ways, as a result of their looks.

Her screening process will include testing the male on his Alpha Grade. This involves playing hardball, to see if he can back up his confident demeanour. Most guys crumble like Grandmas butter shortcake.

She isn’t naive enough to think men are tripping over their own tongues because of her brains, but she wants to be valued for more than her beauty alone.

Another line of tests involve testing whether the guy believes in himself as the prize. She loves authentic confidence. A great way for her to do this, is to see how easy a guy is controllable, by her beauty.

A guy with top game can spot this a mile of, and will counter by cheekiness and banter. Women see this as affirmative proof of his manliness, and tick the boxes.

This is when nice guys rightly get shot down – the guy who is mesmerized by her beauty and becomes easy to push around, in his attempts to please. She loves this in a friend, and hates this in a lover.

Learn the whole story & more about DAME GAME in the book out called “21ST CENTURY SEDUCTION”.




An unremarkable guy that represents most of the male population, that lacks confidence and certainty. His lack of alpha attributes forces him to accept the scraps in life, including women. He can either be shy and non confrontational or he can be loud but socially retarded.

Either way his under developed skill set hinders almost every aspect of his life, drastically limiting his choices. This routinely manifests in his generally submissive behaviour, especially around the opposite sex.

As a result he spends more time masturbating to images of women instead of creaming inside of them. In anthropological terms they are the Beta males of the human gene pool, that has lower replication value than an Alpha male, for any number of reasons.

Most mens dicks get limp in the presence of an empowered woman

Conveying submissive or accommodating behaviour as your opening gambit can sink your ship before it’s docked.

If you always feel like you are five years too late for the prom, or that you were born under a bad sign, there is a reason for it. If you have zero confidence and get tongue-tied in the presence of beauty, there is a reason for it.

It is time to finally understand why you feel the way you do and why the world is the way that it is. You may be surprised and even horrified at the truth, for what has been presented to you as reality is in the main is a sham.

If you feel like a loser in life or a failure with women, it is time to finally realise you are not. You are just acting like one. You just have to realise that you have the power to change, for the late bloomers often become the kings of the game.

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300 million dollar man!

“Everything starts with a dream, a particle of our imagination that teases us of what the future could be like, as long as we fight for it.”

Gurbaksh Chahal

At the Superior Alpha Society, we love the stories of men who are self-made successes. There are not many better examples then the dashing Gurbaksh Chahal, an American Indian entrepreneur, who sold his second company for $300 million to Yahoo at the tender age of 25. www.chahal.com

Not bad for a high school drop out, who is the son of hard working Indian immigrants. They had to work menial jobs, double shifts to keep the one bedroom flat over their heads. Infact, at age 16 he decided that he wanted something much, much bigger for himself, and went after his dream like a tornado. 2 years later, his company, by now employing 35 people, was sold for $40 million, making him one of the worlds youngest millionaires.

“G” as he is known, has brains, style and carries himself with class as well as being family oriented and philanthrophic. He is also in great shape! His Attraction Net worth as well as his financial Net worth is through the roof.

This makes him one of the worlds most ‘eligible bachelors’, as Gurbaksh has hoardes of young hot women swooning. Keep an eye on this one as his future is very bright. Nothing is impossible as he embraces risk with zeal. Infact it is his motto. No risk no gain. Take that on board men, as you mould your futures. Always think big and take risks.




MMA Superstar

What Jonny ‘bones’ Jones did to Shogun Rua at UFC 128 was not only shocking, but testimony to the fast evolving sport of MMA. Lets hope the proud and brave former champion Rua recovers swiftly, as he endured a beating against an inspired and hungry young lion. Before the fight, many experts would have given Rua an edge, with his immense experience, including a record that includes Current Strikeforce Heavyweight champion, Overeem, nicknamed the Demolition man, UFC legend Chuck Liddell and the seemingly invincible ‘Dragon’ Machida. All victims of a heavy Rua KO.

Beginning of an era!

That makes Jones destruction of Rua the more remarkable. The manner he executed his strategy was marked of a man who could potentially rule the division for a very long time. That is until he chooses a big money fight against the monsters of the heavyweight division. He certainly has the frame to carry more effective weight. In the light heavyweight division, he has perfected maximizing his huge advantages, that include a reach bigger than any other fighter in the UFC.

Eat some knee before you sleep

Add his speed, and explosive strength to his unpredictable striking, especially his slashing elbows, you have a fighter that has all the weapons and no known weaknesses as of yet. We have no idea what his whiskers are made of as no-one has come close to touching his chin. It will be an uphill task for anyone to overcome this new breed of fighter. Dana White must be licking his lips at the prospect hyping up the MMA fight of all time, with Anderson Silva, who has been untouchable in recent years.

For now, Jones should enjoy his accomplishment and focus on Evans, his friend, until recently and also his next opponent. One advantage Evans has over other victims of Jones ‘new school MMA’, is they trained closely together, and it would be fair to say that if it became a wrestling match, it would be hard to pick a winner. As this is UFC, the rules allow striking from virtually all positions.

Jones elbows come from all angles, and he can slash you open from the next State with his reach and speed. The likely outcome will be another Jones KO, as it seems he has no plans on going the distance. 3 more good wins under his belt may secure him the ‘superfight’, that will crown the best MMA fighter of all time, and put Dana whites organisation at the forefront of sports entertainment, as the brand goes from strength to strength.

Up until now, Jones has carried himself with class, and is a great role model for young men. His whirlwind journey from MMA novice 3 years ago, to LH UFC champ, claiming his first MMA legend along the way, is testimony to his self belief and dedication. This man is blessed with great attributes and he is working with the best company to maximise them.

That is a lesson for anyone striving for success. Identify what is good about yourself, and surround yourself with good people. Have a vision, work hard, and stay on point. Great things will happen!



Alpha body language

“We can’t decide who saw you first. Would you settle for a threesome?”

Much of how a female responds to congruent body language will be out of her control, so do not underestimate your ability to generate attraction, despite having a face like a bag of spanners. We are not all blessed with conventional handsome features, but the good news is that by acting like you are the best looking guy in the joint, you will press most of the same triggers any how.

As much as we are hardwired to pick up on all body language, social conditioning has largely nullified this in most people, as we have in the main been trained to be submissive and to conform from an early age. Even most traditional etiquette is in fact the act of paying deference to superiors, which is actually interpreted internally by most females as being Beta. This is why being too polite and nice is a big turn off. The body language associated is often very Beta.

“4 martinis, shaken and not stirred.”

In the book “21st Century seduction artist” you will learn how to convey powerful body language that supercharges your charisma, and conveys a higher Attraction Net worth. You will also learn how to read all her subtle signals like a book. You will have a far better chance of understanding what she is really saying, no matter what is coming out of her mouth.

“Mmmm. Hey mister, if you look at me like that, I promise I will bite…anywhere you please.”

Without this understanding, it becomes extremely hard to escalate to deeper levels. It becomes a guessing game. What you want to do is to take guessing out of the equation. A sense of certainty will embellish your vibe, so much so, that she will have trouble you viewing as a Beta.

All is explained in the book, 21st CENTURY SEDUCTION ARTIST, out now!

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