You cannot have failed to notice that all men behave completely differently around very attractive women. If they are not tripping over their own tongues, they are seeking to please her. Do guys behave like this around overweight and ugly women?

Many deluded chumps will even harbour a ridiculous belief that if they are extra nice to a hottie, she will consider sleeping with them. Pure fantasy of course, but never the less his actions are motivated by the hope.

A guy with good game, never falls for this and flips the script. This immediately indicates to an attractive women, that he hasn’t put her on a pedestal. She loves to discover this, as she now has an intriguing challenge to her feminine powers.

Subsequently, she asks herself, ‘what makes this guy so confident?’, and ‘Why isn’t he mesmerized by my beauty, when most other guys are?’

As a result, she has to change gears to prove to herself that she has power over this confident guy. It’s a massive ego boost for her if she can do so and spices up the interaction.

In many cases her game for attractive guys involves giving mixed messages. Does this sound familiar to anyone? It is in fact not to dissimilar to how a seasoned womanizer plays the game. There are some major differences of course.

Below is a list of some of the mind games and tactics women employ on the often unaware male population: A female with expansive Dame game knows how to employ all of these, in order to either manipulate men or elevate her power in an interaction, or at least benefit from the range of feedback and data.

Guys can be revealed to be more Beta or Alpha when subjected to this onslaught. She can rightfully justify her strategy, as she is ultimate seeking a king for her castle and the father of her wonderful babies.

Her tests can also clarify her earlier Alpha readings. Also, during a relationship, they can be a very useful means of keeping the guy on point and on his toes. More about that in later chaps.

Here are some curveballs often employed in ‘dame game.’ If you can see them coming, then you can hit them out the park.

1. Wearing provocative clothing, then complaining when men notice her tits and bum on show

2. Giving out her phone number, when she knows she isn’t into you

3. Flirting with guys for strategic purposes

4. Saying one thing and meaning another

5. Breaking a date last-minute

6. Completely changing her story

7. Always being late

8. Getting a guy hot and steamy before dampening his squib

9. Apparent mood swings

10. Laying mines and traps for later tests

11. Rephrasing what you say for her agenda

12. Expecting you to read her mind

13. Throwing brattish tantrums

14. Leading a guy on

15. Making a scene

15. Playing hard to get

16. Trick questions about big butts

17. Trick questions about other women

18. Sexual teasing

19. Flirting with other men in front of you

20 Talking in riddles and then testing to see if you were listening

21. Comparing you to her ex

22. Comparing you to her Dad

23. Digging up ancient history

24. Digging up your past with other women

All attractive women with solid Dame Game have evolved subtle circuitry for detecting the males that appear to have favourable attributes and that have an edge over the rest of the field.

She has also learned from a young age, how to test a mans qualities and manipulate him with a series of tests and mind games using her sexuality. It’s no accident fellas. She is serious about satisfying her needs whether it be finding Mr Right or Mr right now.

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One of the most common mistakes in the modern dating game that nice guys make, is fixating on one girl

Dating several different girls at the same time is actually one of the most powerful tricks to developing awesome game. This point is always a contraversial one mind you.

In no way is it being suggested that you cheat on several women. We are talking about the early stage of dating, during which she will have no qualms about dumping your ass for someone else she had been dating at the same time.

Infact women do this all the time. It is the way the dating game has gone, especially since influential shows like ‘Sex and the city’, have infiltrated the minds of a whole generation of women around the planet.

If you have only just met a girl, then you are both strangers to each other. No-one owes anyone anything. In dating you, she is not promising to marry you. She is trying the goods out before she buys.

If you have ever had the misfortune of shopping with a women, than you will know how many times she can change her mind before she makes her purchase.

These days she is tempted to treat dating in a similar way. This will help explain some of the flakes. A guy who fixates on a stranger, and places a high expectation on the outcome, can often find it hard to contain his anxiousness.

He may become jealous, or concerned when she does not return his calls. He may become distracted from work and things he needs to take care of in his life.

His ego and imagination may also work overtime in  creating the illusion that she is yours already…even before she is ready to committ, thus creating a massive fear of loss.

She could easily flake at any point for numerous reasons, even if you believe you have established enough attraction.

You may infact have not established as much attraction as the other guy she was seeing. What are you gonna do? Sue her?

A fix:

While dating a girl you like, there is no harm in seeing other girls, for lunch or coffee. It will aid your game in several ways. It will keep your skills sharpened, and you can actually select the girl you prefer based on the comparison.

If the girl you had your eyes set on, flakes, don’t fall apart. You have already established attraction with another girl that maybe has a better chance of a relationship flourishing.

It’s about stacking the odds in your favour. If you do fall for each other, then it is ok to let the other girls down at this point. No-one is getting their heart broken. You barely know each other.

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Are you constantly falling for her tests?

Most guys are totally oblivious to the fact that attractive women use tests all the time to weed out the also rans from the real thing.

It’s instinctive for her. If a guy is unaware of this then he is going to consistently fail the tests. This is one of the ways females play the game in their own way. It’s the DAME GAME.

The hotter the babe, the more guys hit on you. She has to have a sequence of tests, firstly to eliminate all the guys that only see her as just a hot fuck, then to whittle down the remaining suitors to a manageable amount.

It’s got to get fucking tedious, having between 10 and 50 guys hit on you every day of your life. We won’t make it a habit of having sympathy for such women, as their lives are made so much easier in other ways, as a result of their looks.

Her screening process will include testing the male on his Alpha Grade. This involves playing hardball, to see if he can back up his confident demeanour. Most guys crumble like Grandmas butter shortcake.

She isn’t naive enough to think men are tripping over their own tongues because of her brains, but she wants to be valued for more than her beauty alone.

Another line of tests involve testing whether the guy believes in himself as the prize. She loves authentic confidence. A great way for her to do this, is to see how easy a guy is controllable, by her beauty.

A guy with top game can spot this a mile of, and will counter by cheekiness and banter. Women see this as affirmative proof of his manliness, and tick the boxes.

This is when nice guys rightly get shot down – the guy who is mesmerized by her beauty and becomes easy to push around, in his attempts to please. She loves this in a friend, and hates this in a lover.

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An unremarkable guy that represents most of the male population, that lacks confidence and certainty. His lack of alpha attributes forces him to accept the scraps in life, including women. He can either be shy and non confrontational or he can be loud but socially retarded.

Either way his under developed skill set hinders almost every aspect of his life, drastically limiting his choices. This routinely manifests in his generally submissive behaviour, especially around the opposite sex.

As a result he spends more time masturbating to images of women instead of creaming inside of them. In anthropological terms they are the Beta males of the human gene pool, that has lower replication value than an Alpha male, for any number of reasons.

Most mens dicks get limp in the presence of an empowered woman

Conveying submissive or accommodating behaviour as your opening gambit can sink your ship before it’s docked.

If you always feel like you are five years too late for the prom, or that you were born under a bad sign, there is a reason for it. If you have zero confidence and get tongue-tied in the presence of beauty, there is a reason for it.

It is time to finally understand why you feel the way you do and why the world is the way that it is. You may be surprised and even horrified at the truth, for what has been presented to you as reality is in the main is a sham.

If you feel like a loser in life or a failure with women, it is time to finally realise you are not. You are just acting like one. You just have to realise that you have the power to change, for the late bloomers often become the kings of the game.

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Someone once said life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are gonna get. Well, though not a complete misnomer, it’s certainly not a very helpful philosophical view now is it? Unless you have a crystal ball, then the future is impossible to accurately predict.

You can certainly strongly influence your outcomes. In fact, the kind of company you keep and the conditioning you are exposed to will hugely determine everything in your life from success in relationships to success in your financial standing. Within your mind is the key to manifesting most of your outcomes.

There has never been more conclusive evidence to suggest, that as individuals we all have far more power to not only influence the outcomes in our own lives, but contribute to the greater picture. The amount of thought energy we emit is directly linked to what is called the collective consciousness. This ultimately determines the way in which the world manifests today.

If you are a young man, attempting to understand his place in the world, then do not ask society for your answers. Your answers are within. Shakespeare, known for the occasional bright view, once said,

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.”

This may be one of the most helpful philosophical views you can absorb. Add this to a gold nugget from the Future president of America (don’t rule it out folks!), The Trumpster himself, then you have a simple but effective way of approaching your re-invented lifestyle.

His motto simply is, “Think Big!” The identities you may find yourself trapped in now, are not who you really are. You can re-invent who you are and want to be anytime you want. Now add a gold nugget from Bruce Lee, and you can really begin cooking. You will have some fucking great ingredients to spice up your life.

Bruce Lee says, “Be like water.” That doesn’t mean be wet. It means be fluid, and adaptable. If you only applied these 3 views to your life, you can already begin to see how to create more exciting possibilities. When you fully embrace this attitude, you can create the adventure that becomes your life.

If you simply buy into what society and the box provides, then you will fail to realise who you really are. As a free spirited virile young man, much of your adventure will be provided by the seduction arts. The art of seducing amazing women. This is only possible when you have enough ‘attraction networth’. That is the combination of authentic confidence and experience.

This is why it is preferable to pursue other diverse activities that will constantly challenge you. Explore ideas and experiences that will shape a man, that female seek to align with. In many cases they will have no choice in being attracted to such a guy. So remember, this movie is about you, and not the girl.

What character or characters do you want to play, and how thick do you see the plot? Do you see yourself as the victim or the hero? What do you want to create or change? Who are you inspiring or destroying? Who are your angels or demons? Be creative. Be explorative. Be open minded. Think bigger, and live bigger still.

This is your journey, and no-one can judge you for being who you need to be. There are no rules, except the rules you choose to hold or let go off. It’s your call. The more you look within, the more you will hear the answers. Whether you want to live like a playboy, or build an empire, so you can change the world, or meditate on a mountainside, whatever you choose, will be right, if you are tuned into your soul.

Maybe you will choose all of them. What a fucking great movie & film character that would be!

If you are fresh to this attitude, then at least try it, and you can make a better educated opinion on what you think life is about. If you are a young man, new to philosophy, here are 3 simple but powerful quotes to live your life by. They are pretty solid and will almost certainly serve you well.

1. The world is a stage

2. Think big

3. Be like water

Now get off the net and go forth & create your movie…now…go! It’s in your hands!

by Vio



Get big and ripped fast – possess sexy 6 pack & slabs of muscle and attract hot babes with pure masculine allure!

Sounds too good to be true huh? At the SAS we do not make wild claims. We tell it like how it is. Those of you living in the gym, sucking down gallons of protein shakes or even sticking needles into your butts in order to build a dream body are wasting your valuable life force, and hard-earned bucks, as well as endangering your health.

If you are not a professional athlete or an A list hollywood lead actor, you cannot really justify the time and money you are spending or the health risks, trying to attain a lust worthy body women drool over.

In the light of the real science of building a big and ripped physique, it simply doesn’t make sense. If you are an average joe, with a steady job, and you are happy to spend the rest of your time in the gym, and all your pocket-money on junk food like protein shakes, then good luck, but it’s a fools game. Make no mistake about that.

Most protein shakes are actually bad for you, and a good brand should only be considered in order to SUPPLEMENT your diet. Not SUBSTITUTE your diet. I know there isn’t much time in the day, to cook lots of meals everyday…especially if you are swinging weights around several hours at a time.

If this article disqualifies the guys who don’t value their time, then it serves it’s purpose. Those of you still here, then let me share some valuable information. Unless you are on the juice, and I don’t mean OJ, then spending more than 30 mins in the gym is stupid, unless you just can’t get enough of the smell of sweat and jock straps.

If you are seeking to build a body that will make you more appealing to the opposite sex, then you should be seeking to spend less time in the gym and more time out and about in talent rich locations, showing of your masculine mountain of muscle.

Life is too short fellas. Fortunately, there is a society of adventurous free thinking males, who are only interested in maximizing their time, whether it be in the gym, in business, or while having fun.

…5, 6, 7, 8. Just checking!

Entrepreneur and former body building champion, Lazo Freeman is one of those chaps. He has too many things on his plate and too much excitement to experience, to waste his time, hence he has devised a scientifically based training method to get optimal results faster than ever.

Which version of Lazo do you think the Ladies prefer?

He is also a guy who knows all about the frustrations of training for hours with no gain. In fact, he was a tubby geek, with low self-confidence and no self-respect. Today, he is the complete opposite, totally on point and achieving all his dreams, like a laser guided missile.

The turning point came in his life when he really took a good look in the mirror, and decided he didn’t like what he saw, and where it was coming from. From that point onwards he applied a new mindset, and gave himself clear goals…and knuckled down.

His desperation and hunger to transform his life led to hours in the gym in order to build a body he could be proud of and succeed with the ladies. Hours and hours of huff and puff and more frustrations led him to take a second look at what he was trying to achieve and reassess who he really was.

That’s when the magic happened. When he realised that applying a smarter approach would yield better results, his gains exploded. He decided to man up and take responsibility for his life, and learnt self-respect, by doing it for himself.

His subsequent voyage of self discovery, laid the foundations for a new approach to body building for the normal guy. In fact, to prove a point, he entered the world of bodybuilding, picking up championship gold medals before deciding to focus on his own businesses and refining a system he could teach to other people.

Lazo knows the law

Currently, much of his client base are wealthy achievers, because they seriously value their time. This does price the mainstream out, as he now charges a premium for his knowledge, as he prefers to spend less time teaching and more time discovering the abundant opportunities in life, and facing new exciting challenges.

When the SAS approached him, he was glad to be involved in the project, as he still wanted to share his findings and knowledge for other guys that suffer similar frustrations to the old out of shape Lazo.

As a result, he refined his system, to a 20 minute workout, that not only builds slabs of muscle and gorilla strength, but torches off unwanted jiggly crap, so that the muscle isn’t hidden away by layers of fat. Thats good news for your six-pack, if it has never seen the light of day.

In fact if you look more like Pee wee Herman than He-man, or a teletubbie or are a stubborn hard-gainer, you will still yield amazing results from this program. If you have any doubts, then take a look at Lazo. He lives by his principles. It is also tried and tested on his clients. His transformation client book will amaze you.

The reason why the workout is so short and sweet, and yet able to produce better gains than any other system out there is because Lazo has applied science, trial and error, and heart into his approach to building a clients ULTIMATE BODY.

By ramping up the intensity, and giving the body more recovery time, his system works with nature, not against it. The Lazo Freeman training principles (LFTP), also pinpoints all the factors that determine health and growth, while eliminating the factors that harm development.

By applying precision timing of nutrients, reps, and recovery while managing and controlling the hormones, his system maximizes GH (Growth hormone) and testosterone production. As most of us should know, that is the whole point of training. NOT THE LIFTING. The lifting is merely a stimulus in a chain of events, that force the body to adapt.

All is revealed in the DVD, available on the SAS website.

by Vio


* The SAS’s anthropological definition of a human ‘Superior alpha male’ is determined by his Charisma and high perceived replication value to females

^The traditional anthropological definition of a human ‘Alpha male’ is determined by his high status & perceived replication value to females

The purpose of life is a life of purpose. ~Robert Byrne

When you sit your grandson on your lap and he asks you about your life…what stories will you tell? Will you tell him you led a life of quiet desperation, as most men of today or that you sucked the the marrow of life, and then some. Are you going to tell him that you saw the wonders of the world, and discovered some new ones. You loved, were loved and missed by some of the most beautiful women in the world. You faced your fears, stared them down and kicked their asses. You courageously walked the edge of the precipice, for adventure and kicks. You were a free spirit. You lived the dream. The only thing that will stop you from fulfilling your dreams is you. So dream and learn as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die tomorrow. Be the master of your own destiny.

Its time to man up, walk the walk and talk the talk.

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Within this material, is a goldmine of vital knowledge that pulls no punches in delivering the most empowering body of resources ever available to young men, who want to succeed in all aspects of life. The revolutionary ‘superior alpha male’ theory reveals precisely why some guys seem to get all the luck and all the women, and how you can be that guy. You will also learn the shocking facts behind the ‘machine’ designed to condition men into being ‘sheeple’, and Beta males, via evolution, society, education, advertisers and the government.

This is why the MAS has created resources and a life skill set, that your parents, school & society cannot provide, to give you an superior edge in life and an unfair advantage over the competition. The tools and resources help you build a top SKILL SET that will transform every area of your life, including attracting, seducing & loving beautiful women, building nuclear proof confidence, sculpting a Body carved from stone and creating wealth to juice up your new exciting and muti-dimensional lifestyle.